Think twice before moving in together

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“Baby, let’s move in together?” Sounds like the relationship-defining question you’ve been waiting for? Moving in together must be an exciting time right? I mean this is as “official” as your relationship status will ever be until you’ve signed the wedding papers. But, is it really the best thing to do?

Of course no one moves in with their lover thinking it’s going to fall into pieces and the relationship will end up being engulfed in flames, but it often does. Like most things in life, there are pros and cons. Is taking this step even worth trying?

There are couples that claim moving in together was the best thing that happened to them and it helped them learn so much more about their partners and how to build their lives together. And, there are those that move in together and find out that their relationship was not what they had thought it was.

So, are you ready to challenge your relationship? Do you have faith in your relationship enough to give this a try? Or perhaps you should just wait a while until you feel completely comfortable with your relationship?

Or maybe, your significant other just popped the question knowing that you would contemplate, and then say NO. Ever think about that one?

Whatever it may be, here are some pros and cons that you should think about before moving in with each other:


– learn about each other in-depth (daily routines and habits)

– grow intimately closer

– share costs (rent, food, utilities etc.)

– see how you work together as a real couple and team, and not just on dates etc.


– honeymoon phase is over

– no more mystery and excitement

– you lose privacy

– you’ll have to deal with every issue or communication problem head-on (can’t hide and pull the disappearing act or cool off anymore)



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