They’ve tried to bribe me so that I defect – Romeo

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Sesheke UPND Member of Parliament Romeo Kang’ombe he again spoken about how he has been offered money several times that he defects to the ruling party but says his principles can’t allow him to do that.

Kang’ombe, 32, who was recently in elected in a by-election marred with violence and bloodshed said morals and principles must be the definition of all leaders.

“I have been offered money several times of course not to that much but I have a code of principles and not going to willfully compromise because of internal or external pressure. I stand with the majority Zambians that are suffering under the leadership of PF,” Kangombe said in a statement.

And in apparent reference to ex -UPND Vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s resignation and rejoining of PF, Kang’ombe said the alleged USD50 million was offered so that GBM resuscitates his business.

“Morals and principles are a true definition of a true Leader. Now he will go and eat alone forgetting the majority of the Zambians,” he said.

“USD50 million, its about resuscitating his business not about the people of Zambia. I will in few days breakdown the principles of good governance and morals those seeking public office should have.”


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  1. My brother Romeo you are very wise we need people like you in leadership leaders who don’t just think about themselves but for the masses suffering under this PF regime,Godbless you and keep up with the good work.

    April 25, 2019 at 10:23 am

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