They are King-Makers without a King, the voice for the voiceless without a voice for themselves

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HH talking to Reporters

One of my biggest concerns, in this Country, is the plight of Journalists, among others. In my view these people are among the elite of the society who do a tremendous job, such that, they should be living a better life than they do.

I don’t know how Fred M’membe did it but he paid his workers far much better than the people that closed his vicious and sometimes malicious Post Newspaper.

I know the economy is hard, but if Fred did it, why can’t ZNBC, Times of Zambia, Daily Mail and other private media organizations do the same.

I knew Chris Habenzu almost 8 years ago and I was very saddened to learn of his death. I mourned him like a brother, because that is what he was to me. Words of condolences are not enough to express how I feel to lose such a young life, leaving his wife at 8 months pregnant.

Chris is gone and I honestly doubt, he left much for his wife and the child to be born in a weeks, because benefits are calculated from what you used to earn. So if you used to get peanuts, you can expect a huge package in death.

During the funeral, sympathy overwhelmed me, for the poor journalists who I saw at the funeral. In my heart, I was like, what will they leave when they too are gone. I wondered if there is something I can do, to help them, but this is how far I can go for now.

Most of our journalists, don’t live a life they portray on screen or on breakfast shows when they twist their accents like they have it all. I am not mocking them, but sympathizing because I believe they deserve much more that what is currently going on.

Journalists in Zambia, speak for other people through their stories, but very few speak for them, because like Doctors or Lawyers, they can’t serve themselves. So they suffer in side because they can’t report about their injustice.

If you are looking for money, journalism is not the career to go for in Zambia, because it is more of a charity profession than what most of citizens think.

Paradoxically, No political leader can ascend to power without journalists, yet, very few leaders remember or look into the plight of journalists.

The best example is Dr. Chishimba Kambwili, who is so good at spreading his messages through the media but when he was a Minister of information, he could not improve the lives of journalists at ZNBC and other public media.

This is why, I doubt all that Kambwili talks about, the man is very selfish just like HH who has come to know philanthropism just because he wants votes. Before HH was in politics he never helped anyone but he was busy enriching himself at the expense of others.

Journalists mostly supplement their meager incomes with tips from their sources, otherwise life is very tough. For those who work in public media houses, they only get lucky if one of the ministers or the President draw them close like Effie Mpande when Guy Scott, was in power.

But this should not be the case, because these are skilled people who should be part of our middle class who should be able to employ maids and garden men and pay them the minimum wage (K900). They should be able to pay rentals in good areas.

Owning a Car and drawing fuel allowance should not be a big issue because they works 24/7 as news do not wait for Monday, or choose how far away it will happen.

Anyway, I don’t mean to demean journalist, I just wanted to register my concerns and how bad I felt at the funeral of Chris, because somehow I feel his life could have been better and I hope there will be something for his child yet to be born.

I was impressed by the ZNBC Director General, Mr. Mwanza who was at the funeral and went all the way to the grave ward. I am very critical of Mr. Mwanza but this time I am saluting him.

I hope when I will be a leader of this Country, journalists will have a better life. I want to come and be their King, who would look after them, because at the moment they don’t have one.

President Edgar Lungu has not changed the life of our journalist among other things. Next week I will be talking about the access to information bill and you will be shocked what I will reveal about President Lungu in that aspect.

I want equity, which is why our party is called by that, Economic and Equity Party – EEP.

This is not just a political statement so that journalists cover me, after all ZNBC does not even cover me, unless I am praising President Lungu, but I speak for them more than those at Muvi TV and Prime TV where I get coverage.

I know how journalists are struggling at Muvi TV and Times of Zambia and I feel for you my brothers and sisters and as I go to Church I will be praying for you. God and some citizens appreciate what you are doing, keep at it.





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