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There is too much witchcraft in Zambian politics – Sakala

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Edwin Sakala

Edwin Sakala

Leader of an opposition party – ZDDM Edwin Sakala has alleged that there is “too much witchcraft” in Zambian politics.

Edwin who is a brother to former Press Secretary at State House Richard Sata, says he has dealt closely with many leaders of the Zambian political parties at a personal level.
” There is too much witchcraft in the Zambian political arena hence our message below,” Sakala said in a statement availed to Zambian Eye.
Below is his statement in full:
A week ago ZDDM as usual distributed a leaflet containing the message below and now wish its members and friends to take note of the fact that only TWO political party leaders turned up for the Inter domination prayers for peace and unity in Zambia held at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.
This may not seem significant to the average mind but an eye opener to those with eyes to see. We can state boldly that the absence would scream if a man of God like TB Joshua came to pray with Zambian leaders. Most of the Zambian leaders would stay away form TB Joshua out of fear of exposure. There is too much witchcraft in the Zambian political arena hence our message below.
What many Zambians don’t want to acknowledge is the fact that ZDDM is not only one of the oldest parties in Zambia but a movement which has worked closely and at a personal level with nearly all the political party leaders. The living and those who have since passed away. We know them. When we say that there is Satanism we know what we are talking about.
It must also be observed that the Zambian media has blacked out our OPERATION SAVE ZAMBIA BEFORE ITS TOO LATE campaign and the message on our placard displayed at Woodlands police on the day that President Nevers Mumba appeared there. We accused the Church and media of being responsible for the current rot in our nation.
Very interestingly the Zambian media could not comprehend our message yet the foreign media understood it. We are now having more interviews with the international media while some of the Zambian journalists still confess that they have never heard of ZDDM. How can a journalist worth their salt be so ignorant about local politics and politicians? Why should our own media be so blind as not to see that ZDDM is the only political organization with a proper national agenda in the country and only threat to Sata.
True journalist in the media who see issues worth being called news have unfortunately only focused on one small component of our OPERATION SAVE ZAMBIA BEFORE ITS TOO LATE campaign and that is on our call for former president RB to come back to active politics. This is a small piece of the crusade, we are on fertile ground a we want a new political order in Zambia. Government of National Unity and Federal system. With or without RB we could win the next election because Zambians are tired of politics of bickering.
We offer real change but our interest is not State House that is why we want somebody who is already exposed to that environment because we view Zambia like a house on fire which needs to be put off immediately and RB is the best man for this job.
We are happy the Church has responded to our attack and made the first move by arranging for the Inter domination prayer meeting. This was a good move but we are writing to the Church mother bodies to arrange for an Inter party dialogue meeting .
It will be very interesting to see how these leaders will stand prayer delivered by Spiritually filled men of God like Bishop Imakando of Bread of life, Father Lupupa of Chalkstone Catholic Church and the demon fighter Emmanuel Milingo.
Zambia will continue to experience widespread poverty and daily reports of blood shedding for as long as Satanism remains dominant in the political arena.
We are in the midst of a spiritual battle.
I know that this is foolish language to the spiritually blind but Gods children can hear our voice.

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