There is no Devil-given mandate, Nakacinda tells church motherbodies

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The Felix Mutati-led MMD faction has hit out at the Church, telling them to stop using religion in their bid to escape accountability to the nation.

Reacting to Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) general secretary Fr Emmanuel Chikoya’s recent statement where he is quoted as saying the three church mother bodies have a God-given mandate to foster peace and reconciliation in the country, national secretary of the faction Rapheal Nakacinda says there is no stakeholder in the dialogue process who has a “Devil-given mandate.”

Nakacinda, who is a board member of the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID), said this when he featured on a live interaction radio program dubbed “Live Issues” on Live Radio.

He argued that there is no individual who carries a devil-given mandate but that all stakeholders in the dialogue process such as the media, NGOs and civil society have God-given mandates carried in their different roles as stakeholders.

Nakacinda said all stakeholders in the process should be accountable without exception, adding that the Church should not hide behind the veil of religion.

“All of us in this country have to be accountable in one way or the other. The Church have to be accountable, yes they are accountable to God but they have to be accountable to the people they are called to preside over. We are accountable to the people as well as to God.

“I read an article by Fr. Chikoya yesterday saying ‘it is our God given mandate’ I don’t understand who among the stakeholders has a devil given mandate? All of us have a God given mandate that we are undertaking the only thing is that we are playing different roles. They are the Church, we are in civic leadership and therefore; we must be able to interact and provide leadership that will achieve results required.”

He added: “This business of when you fail to argue a matter you run and hide in gerontocracy which is leadership by age should come to end. Sometimes as Africans when we are confronted with a situation instead of dealing with principle issues that are raised we sometimes run into religiosity, hiding behind the veil of religion, touch not the anointed ones, you see we are leaders of the Church, No! At this particular moment we are dealing with reforms, all of us must question each other respectfully of course so that the right thing at the end of the day is done.”

Confusion is likely to characterise the talks set for January 18, with the Church – who are chairing the dialogue process – seemingly recognising the Nevers Mumba MMD faction, while the facilitators ZCID recognise the Mutation faction.


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  1. The Church stands on neutral grounds is what the CCZ General Secretary was talking about. For you ZCID, you are more inclined to the PF, this is why people find it difficult to trust you alone, including your boss Alfred Sakala who always champions PF agendas…..Ask him.

    Johan Wind
    January 9, 2019 at 10:16 am

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