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The Wynter Kabimba phobia

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Wynter Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba

Never before in the history of this beautiful country has the issue of an Acting President raised so much dust than the current one, writes Manowa Kampila.

If one was coming to Zambia for the first time they may be forgiven for thinking this is the first time the current president has left the country and appointed someone to act. Just a reminder we have had current and former cabinet ministers appointed to act in the capacity of the president among them being Edgar Lungu (Defense Minister), Geoffrey Mwamba( Former Defense Minister) and Alexander Chikwanda(Finance Minister).

During the time they acted we never heard any one questioning either the legality of the appointment or the capability of the individual. The question that then needs to be answered is why so much noise now that the third most important man in PF was left in charge? The answer to the question is simple, all one needs to note is from which direction the noise is the loudest. OPPOSITION. By opposition I am not only referring to political parties but also some NGO`s whose agendas are far distant from the purpose they were registered for.

The noise is not really about the eligibility of Wynter Kabimba to be appointed acting president or the legality of it but rather the PHOBIA of possibly having to face this man in an IMAGINARY by-election which the opposition has so much convinced themselves is eminent. The opposition knows that in as much as Wynter never stood to contest any seat during the 2011 general election the man played a significant role in the PF victory.

He was in principle the architect of the PF campaign strategy that took on the combined forces of MMD and opposition political parties. A quick perusal in the PF history will show the ruling party had a high turnover of Secretary Generals and its fortunes only took a positive turn when Wynter took over.

Wynter is as vital to PF just as Ferguson was to Manchester United hence causing the opposition night mares. The opposition would want as much as possible to face a less strong candidate than Wynter. They would prefer someone with a dented past and character that they would easily punch holes in. On the other hand we have some politicians whose survival is fixed firmly on throwing a tribal card at our loving people of Southern province. Wynter as a candidate punches holes in this strategy as he originates from among them. With PF enjoying massive support in other regions, Southern province becomes a bonus to them. Wynter is legally and deservedly the acting president.


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