The treachery of David Mabumba

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Hon. David Kabumba is insincere to claim that the withdrawal of meal allowances does not amount to withdrawal of living allowance because government will continue to pay for accommodation.

Whilst this is a clever way to circumvent the provisions of the Act governing student loans, which does not have the wording “meal allowance” it is clear hypocrisy by the ministers. It is hard to imagine which lay person or legal person cannot expect meals to be inclusive when referring to a “living allowance”. It is true what they say, that moral people don’t need the law to do the right thing, whilst crooked people twist the law to defend their wrong decisions.

A progressive government would not be compromising the quality of education the students by denying them meals. Cutting off meal allowances wont broaden access to student loans. What will broaden access is increasing funding to education and improving the loan recovery rate. As long as the loan scheme is poorly managed and funds not recovered, book allowance will be next to be abolished and knowing PF they will give the same justification.

We need leader who brainstorm and come up with approprate solutions. Banning meal allowances is a simple and ineffective solution to a very complex problem.

Richard W


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