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The tension in Zambia

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File: Banda centre with HH (l) and Mumba confer outside Court in Lusaka

File: Banda centre with HH (l) and Mumba confer outside Court in Lusaka

Dear Editor,

Please allow me space to express my feelings over the tension and happenings in our country between the opposition parties and the ruling PF, and even the bickering within parties both opposition and ruling.

I am sending this reflection as my new year’s message and thought hoping that those involved in the hate being spread among our people and nation will realize that what they are doing is against the wish of God our creator and his plan for mankind existence on earth.

I wish us all to see and realize that we are who we are not by chance but by the grace of the Lord and thus must use every opportunity given to do as the Lord wishes us to do. To the ruling party, I ask for humility and tolerance of opposing views as well as embracing the spirit of forgiveness.

This is what God demands of leaders and through this way God’s chosen leaders foster sustainable development that benefits their led.

This particularly I urge our President Michael sata

Police beating UPND cadres who were having peaceful protest

Police beating UPND cadres who were having peaceful protest

Chilufya Sata as a Republican President to take lead in this vein. This will make him have a strong hand to control his subordinates who should lead by his example. I pray that all will be well by the Lord’s grace if we see Him (God) as our chief adviser. This too will end the infighting in the ruling party as every member will now focus on doing what is assigned to them for the purposes of achieving the good common goal of the nation.

As for the Opposition, I urge all of them to have patience and give credit to the ruling party when it’s due and criticize when it is necessary. That way their role as watchdogs of the people will be fulfilled properly. They need to realize that they too would do the same mistakes if they were put in the position of the ruling party.

Many a time, those that condemn the ruling parties most are the ones that end up even making worse mistakes when given the chance to rule. They should also exercise humility and sort out the in bickering in their parties in readiness to take over power should God favour them. It is this preparedness that will lay stage for their success if ever they became ruling party.

All in all, the appearance of our leaders on the Zambian scene is not by chance but by the will of God in order to spice and strengthen our being as a country, he brings the strong, the weak, the truthful and trustworthy, and also the wretched and liars who all make up our strong nation of love. We must always look at this in the positive aspect for from the strong leaders we learn just as we do from the weak ones, and together we have a cycle of our being as a country.

For this reason I share the understanding of life as viewed by the wise below;

In life, you will meet two types of people: The ones who build you up and the ones who tear you down. In the end, you will thank them both.  People come in to enhance and bring perfection into our lives. Regardless of whether they are positive or negative, they certainly have a role to play.

In a theatrical drama, every character; big or small, has its significance. The overall picture comes out enhanced with every small bit being done to perfection.

Life is a similar stage and everyone we meet, plays their little significant role in our life’s drama. We are a by-product of the experiences we have had.  Parents, teachers, leaders, family members, friends and the environment, help develop a child into what he becomes as an adult. God planned His creation this way.

Our happiness depends not, on how much we have, but on the attitude with which we see life. The popular notion that we will be happy if we had more money is the result of an immature attitude. Some people cater to their attitude by feeding their ego, while others merely rely on their material comforts.

Regardless of whether we realize it or not, our life is absolutely perfect just the way it is. Ups and downs come in for the very fact that at that moment in our lives, we needed just that experience.

If people don’t hate us, we will not learn to love. It takes the experience of being hated, to realize that it is not nice to hate. If I do not like it then I should not put someone else through it. But unfortunately, we fail to understand God’s tough love lessons to improve us.

We respond to hatred with more hate and hence belittle ourselves. God made man in His own image and had expected that man would respond back to hate with love because love is the only weapon that kills hatred. Instead, we ignite it even more by giving back hate.
If we don’t fail, we don’t realize the significance of hard work. Unless we experience failure, we will not learn to appreciate success.

We need to have an attitude of gratitude to understand that success is a blessing from God, not our own doing. Most often we misunderstand God’s blessings and develop pride and ego when we achieve something. We need to constantly remember that if God did not support us, we are not worthy of any praise. In essence, He is the one who does everything and we are the ones who reap the credits.

We sometimes have to experience a fall to learn to be humble. It is when we start becoming arrogant that life slaps us with circumstances that teach us humility. At every step, God tries to teach us to become positive human beings. His ways are the best ways to help us grow and become better beings. If we live by His word and imbibe what He is trying to tell us through His scriptures, then there is no need for us to go through trials. We drive Him into bringing in negatives so that we can appreciate the positive.

We would be much happier, if we stop complaining and start appreciating. We have an inbuilt natural bliss which we fail to recognize because we are too busy being dissatisfied with everything. The day we learn to change our attitude and start accepting life as determined and destined by the Almighty, we will realize that we are both happy and satisfied with what we have.

Our happiness depends on the quality of our thoughts. Being happy is neither dependent on our financial situation, nor on our circumstances because LIFE IS 10% OF WHAT HAPPENS TO US AND 90% OF HOW WE REACT TO IT. Make the best of your circumstances and you will realize that you alone have the power to turn ON or OFF; the switch to your happiness. WHEN YOU FIND YOURSELF IN THE GLOOM, TURN YOUR HAPPINESS SWITCH ON AND GET INTO THE BLOOM.

People assume that being rich, popular or looking good in society will give them happiness but in reality it is none of these. Learn to shed your ego and give up your greed and desires. Accept your circumstances and aim high. Happiness lies in the little things. You will find happiness when you give to others….when you spread love…..when you humble yourself and put others first….and when you put God first. Change your perspective and God will change your life. If you truly strive to be happy, develop an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE and thou shall be Happy.

And always remember: Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it is about learning to dance in the rain with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!!!

By Concerned Zambian.


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