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The take-over from Sata scheme by a group of Ministers revealed by Chikwanda is a security concern – Kapita

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The revelations by Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda that there is a group of Ministers within PF government and their collaborators scheming to take over the presidency from Michael Sata before his term of office ends is a serious national security concern.

Such a revelation, coming from a close confidant and a relation of president Sata who regularly acts as republican president and therefore supposedly privy to national security details should not be taken lightly.

As UPND, we are concerned that government ministers and their collaborators can conspire to remove a sitting president at a time they are expected to unite and give support to the president to address the many challenges affecting this country such as the increasing cost of living, unemployment, and poverty.

We however feel that part of this scramble for presidency has been created by the unexplained absence of president Sata from public domain for over two months now.

This situation has created an impression that there is a vacancy in the office of the presidency, hence the reported manoeuvres by the ministers and their collaborators to illegally take-over.

We are, in the national interest, demanding that president Sata comes out in the public and personally addresses the nation to assure the public that he is fully in charge of the country.

As party, we are at a loss to understand and appreciate why a president, who is said to be fit and working hard, can decide to work in secrecy for more than two months.

The failure by the president to attend some key official engagements home and abroad has an effect of undermining the public and the international community’s confidence in the president to discharge his functions effectively.


Richard Kapita

UPND vice-president


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