The results of appointing Cadres: The case of RATSA

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By Vincent Chaile

I would not get shocked to hear that RATSA boss Mr Soko has bought himself 6 flats at North gate NAPSA HOUSING COMPLEX.

This is the messy that the late President Mr Michael sata created in the civil service by appointing politcal cadres in top positions .

We all Know Mr soko does not qualify for the position of CEO at RTSA ,he was elevated direct from the position of a company driver to CEO ,and expect him not to mess up?

The danger of appointing politcal cadres in top position is,thier loyalty is not to an institution or the people of Zambia but to the appointing authority .

If Mr soko can acquire 6 houses at once just as a civil servant ,what more his boses the permanent Secretaries and his minister?.His strength and protection of course comes from his superiors who have plundered more than him or are all part of the deal or kick backs.

And this is what we always complain in this Country justice and prisons are only meant for the less privileged or poor people in society ,yet the real thieves are glorified.

Some few months the public complained that Minister of healthy Dr Chitalu is building 10 flats concurrently but up to now Ant Corruption commission has been quite for reasons best known to themselves.

Vincent Chaile
President for Radical Revolutionary Party.


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