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The rate men are seeking penis enlargement is alarming – Lusaka Herbalist

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Dr. Phiri

Dr. Phiri

A Lusaka Herbalist Abraham Phiri says the rate at which men are seeking services to have their penis enlarged is alarming, reports Zambian Eye Community Correspondent.

In an exclusive interview with Zambian Eye, Phiri observed that there is a growing trend by many Zambian men seeking to have their penis enlarged.

He said he receives a number of men wanting to have their penis enlarged and wondered why there is such a demand.

“This is alarming and I don’t know how we can senstize men against this act,” Phiri who offers herbal remedies for all diseases said. “You see posters of adverts all over town about penis enlargement. What is happening to our men?”

He said penis enlargement was not good for the health of a person. He says people need to realise that the size of the penis depends on the body of a person and making artificial growth was unacceptable.

Phiri said men and women need to realise that as a woman is growing their vergina also grows but could be maintained following certain rules.


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