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The President offered me a Ministerial position – Shakafuswa

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Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) outspoken Member of Parliment for Katuba constituency Jonas Shakafuswa has revealed that President Edgar Lungu had offered him a Ministerial position in his Cabinet.

Shakafuswa who once served as Deputy Minister of Finance under President Levy Mwanawasa says he turned down the offer.

“I was offered an opportunity to work as Minister by the President. But I politely declined,” Shakafuswa disclosed on his facebook post on Wednesday.

He explains that the circumstances between now and in 2006 when he left UPND to join MMD under President Mwanawasa are not the same. He says in 2006, he did not cause a by-election when he left UPND because he finished his five year tenure.

“Peter Shimishi (one of the bloggers) I can not defect. That is a cheap way of looking at issues. My home is UPND. I will make it a better home whether people like it or not,” Shakafuswa responds Peter who said he is hoping the latter was not trying to defect to PF.

“Honourable, Levy was the best president Zambia had but I only hope you aren’t trying to defect again, we need you in opposition for checks and balance,” says Peter in reaction to the statement Shakafuswa made that he had no regrete for having accepted to serve under President Mwanawasa.

The dicussion eminates from the post below made by Shakafuswa:

“Sometime I pause and look back in my life and say if given an opportunity to rewrite history, where should I make Corrections? But then I get this satisfaction that this has been my life. Wrong or right, that is how I have lived it! The one thing I don’t regret is making a decision to accept the invitation in 2006, to run and support Levy Patrick Mwanawasa in the General Elections. Mark my words. I never defected to cause a by-election by jumping boat in a Parliamentary season or got appointment while serving as an opposition MP. I finished my tenure of 5 years as a UPND member of Parliament.

It had been a long and painful decision to make. But I feel it was the right decision at that time. Some people say that I betrayed my Party UPND for moving to work with Levy. Well they are entitled to their opiinion which I respect. But my opinion should also be respected.

I did not see in Levy the tribal way, a lot of people make their political affiliation. In fact he lost in most of the Lenje land in 2001 elections. I saw a visionally. A social changer. Someone with a passion for leadership and not Bossship, to lift the country and not bask in the glory which came with the position of Presidency.

Yes I took the opportunity to live and work in his dream, as he would put it to me and Magande (Finance Minister). ‘Put hope in the eyes of that poor kid in Shang’ombo’. Do I regret the tenure. No. Definately one of the best time in my life. As for those who feel I betrayed UPND to work with a great visionary, you have the right to your opinion and I respect it. For me I feel I stood on the right side of History and feel very proud I made that decision.”


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