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In picture, Bowman Lusambo (blue) and Raphael Nakacinda (checked shirt)

The Bulldozer and the binoculars sit to strategise their political move just like they did 10 years ago.

They were both MMD but later joined PF. Would they be scheming to make another move to the ruling party UPND or another party?

Raphael Nakachinda has been a strong critic of President Hakainde Hichilema Administration while Bowman Lusambo is one of those who have vowed to join UPND.

But could this be a another say that anything is possible in politics and that there are no permanent enemies.

How would a such a move leave of the opposition? So far the opposition has lived this far united and strong. Would this be a plus to the UPND?

There has been a few members from the PF heading to Fred M’membe’s Socialist Party but this seem not to be making any significant difference in terms of votes. The last local government elections show a two horse race – UPND and PF.

The PF are yet to elect a successor to former president Edgar Lungu and Eight candidates are competing for the position. The election is due in March 2023.

The talk is that it is over for PF, there is no coming back. Those advancing this are basing their view on two former ruling parties – UNIP and MMD which are just existing on paper.

The PF has however remained together with a few defections with a hope of deferring history to bounce back to power saying President Hichilema and UPND will be a one term government.

UNIP ruled for 27 years, MMD 20 years while PF managed 10 years. As for UPND only time will tell.

Zambian Eye, 22nd November 2022.


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