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The persistence falling of Zambian kwacha

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By Kennedy Mulunga

The economy of every country can be associated with a wife at home. As a wife she always needs to be loved,cherished and taken good care of so that she performs effectively as a house wife.

This really means that the economy of this country should always be loved,cherished and taken good care of through:

• Promoting investor confidence in the country and not intimidating them because they will work with fear all the time which will result in less money in circulation.

• Slow but perfect fusing in of new economic policies into the economy by stating from what has already been laid down and not abrupt cancelling of what good things others have been doing and then think that new policy will work so effect.

• Not being stinge in consolidated and cooperative decision making of economic policies of the country.

So if the PF government has been doing this,the country could not have been experiencing persistence falling of kwacha.


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