The new Minister of Sport

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Dear Editor,

Kamanga is very right. If it was Kalusha in his place he could have involved FIFA by now. People forget easily, why should Kalusha be involved in looking for a coach this is all very wrong when he ( Kalusha) was at FAZ he never allowed anyone to interfere with his administration the guy lives in South Africa let him move on and respect the current FAZ administration otherwise the new minister will have himself to blame.

Kalusha had his time he failed at coaching the national team and finished his term at FAZ were he lost last elections. Football was there before Kalusha in Zambia so it will still be there without him being involved what if he dropped dead today learn to move on Mr Minister stop bringing confusion to the current FAZ administration FIFA will punish Zambia.

Why do you ignore Mpondela who has over stayed but interfere with FAZ who are in office legally?  Your approach Mr Minister of sport is very wrong get advise from those who know Kalusha then you will understand that he’s not a good person.

Concerned Zambian 

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  1. Ikala fye iwe. Kalu made sure we had our first ever silverware. Ever since Kamanga took over Zambia has never qualified for the continental championship and you are busy supporting a cohort of failures. Under Kalusha, we had a national team that was feared. But today under AK, we are just a bunch of bachipante, no name makes headlines. And you are busy talking a whole bunch of hogwash.

    September 27, 2019 at 7:35 am

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