The issue of tribalism getting out of hand – Sikota Wina

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Sikota Wina

Sikota Wina

The issue of tribalism is getting out of hand, Veteran politician and Freedom fighter Sikota Wina has observed.


Wina who was part of the first cabinet 1964 regretted that 50 years after Independence the country is still spending time discussing issues of tribalism.


He said the country had developed so much with many Universities but sadly young people were still talking about the issue of tribalism.


Wina said though the politicians try to use the issue of tribalism during campaigns, the young people are educated to reject such schemes.


He cited certain incidences in the past  such as the night without the president when Kenneth Kaunda resigned as president because of tribalism. Wina has written a book on the event.


Wina was speaking on ZNBC’s Sunday  Interview programme.


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