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The Ideology of Ethnic hatred and discrimination

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Paul Kagame


1. “Every Hutu must know that the Tutsi woman, wherever she maybe, is working for the Tutsi ethnic cause. In consequence, any Hutu is a traitor who:
_ acquires a Tutsi wife
_ acquires Tutsi concubine
_ acquires a Tutsi secretary or protogee.

2. Every Hutu must know that our Hutu daughters are more worthy and more conscientious as women, as wives and as mothers. Aren’t they lovely, excellent secretaries and more honest.
3. Hutu women be more vigilant and make sure that your husbands, brothers and sons see reason.
4. All Hutus must know that all Tutsis are dishonest in business. Their only goal is ethnic superiority. We have learned this by experience from experience. In consequence any Hutu is s traitor who
_ forms a business alience with a Tutsi
_ invests his own funds, or public funds in a Tutsi enterprise
_ borrows money or lends money to a Tutsi
_ grants favours to Tutsis (import licences, bank loans, land for construction, public markets).
5. Strategic positions such as politics, administration, economics, the military and security must be restricted to the Hutus.
6. A Hutu majority must prevail throughout the educational system (pupils, scholars and teachers)
7. The Rwanda army must be exclusively Hutu. The war of October 1990 has taught us that no soldier may marry a Tutsi woman.
8. Hutu must stop taking pity on the Tutsi.
9. Hutu wherever they be must stand united in solidarity and concerned with the fate of their Hutu brothers. Hutu within and without Rwanda must constantly search for friends and allies to the Hutu cause beginning with their Bantu brothers. Hutu must stand firm and vigilant against their common enemy: the Tutsi.
10. The social revolution of 1959, the referendum of 1961 and the Hutu ideology must be taught to Hutu of every age. Every Hutu must spread the word wherever he goes. Any Hutu who persecute his brother Hutu for spreading and teaching this ideology is a traitor”
This is the ideology of hatred and discrimination deliberately coined and spread by the leadership and eventually led to the catastrophic genocide which cause the death of more than one million people within four months from 6th April to 17th July 1994. Citizens must always watch over the language of leaders. Political leaders can, in pursuit of their political preservation fuel the ideology of hate, discrimination and ultimately conflict. Citizens are the custodians of their own peace and security and they must always scruitinize each word that comes from the mouth of leaders in the interest of peaceful coexistence. What happened in Rwanda should never happen anywhere on the African soil or anywhere in the world.


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