The furious Tuca Ferretti

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Football is a sport that not only is enjoyed due to what happens in the field. Many people also love the discipline because of the eccentric people that are part of it from time to time.
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Ricardo Ferretti, also known as Tuca Ferretti, is a Brazilian football coach who has lived in Mexico since 1977. In that year, he was transferred as a player from Brazilian squad Bonsucesso to Mexican team Atlas. Since then, he continued playing in Mexico in teams
such as:
● Neza;
● Monterrey;
● and Toluca.
Ferretti retired as a player in 1991. He then immediately started to work as a coach. In fact, he has spent his entire coaching career in Mexico.
During the more than 45 years that he has spent in the country, he has become quite a character in Mexican football. The Zambia 1xBet platform also has all matches from the entertaining Mexican football competitions.

Lots of outbursts

Ferretti is an individual who gets angry very easily. In fact, he is famous for the many outbursts that he has had with players, other coaches, referees, journalists and even fans. It is possible to make the 1xBet download app procedure in order to wager on all squads coached by the Brazilian.

A very funny and famous outburst from Ferretti took place at a press conference in 2016. At that time, he was the coach of Tigres. After a match, an argument ensued between the coach and a journalist. Apparently, Ferretti became angry after a male journalist interrupted a female colleague that was asking him a question. The Brazilian stated that a “ladies first”
rule should be observed in all his press conferences. It seems that the male journalist didn’t like that. All of this resulted in Ferretti storming out of the press conference after hitting the table and screaming all kinds of words to the journalist. Currently, downloading the 1xBet app is very easy, and it can be done for wagering on all Tigres matches.

During the same year, a video of the coach went viral. After his team arrived at Mexico City’s airport, many Tigres fans wanted to get selfies and pictures with the players and coach.
Those who approached Ferretti to get a picture from him got some quite angry replies. The coach told them to “hurry up” in taking the pictures in a not very friendly tone.
Tuca Ferretti is also famous for yelling and insulting his own players and referees when things don’t go in the way he wants. Not even fans are safe from the Brazilian’s rage. In fact, on many occasions he has confronted supporting and opposing fans during matches.


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