The FIC report has indicted the entire PF regime – Msoni

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APC leader Nason Msoni says it is “absolutely foolish” to argue against  the FIC report based on the excuse that culprits were not named in the report.

In a statement issued to the media, the APC leader said the huge amounts being stolen from government was an indication that the PF government has no captain and that the nation was headed towards a disastrous shipwreck.

“The truth is that huge amount of money has been openly stolen from the Zambian public. Clearly, The PF government is running out of control with no captain. We are certainly heading towards a disastrous shipwreck,” he said.

Msoni says the report has hinted at why government has run into bankruptcy and President Lungu should justify when citizens should continue keeping him office.

“It is now incumbent upon Mr Lungu to justify why citizens should continue keeping him in office when he is running the most corrupt ever government. 

“This is quite unprecedented in the history of governments and the conduct of any leader running such a government. We think that a sense of shame for any self respecting leadership is not a bad moral campus,” he said.

He has since challenged those fingered in the report to vacate office so as to pave way for investigations.

“As citizens we are ashamed and crestfallen to have voted for such a reckless and utterly irresponsible leadership that lacks sensitivity for the masses.

“In a nutshell, We clearly expect those indicted by this report to voluntarily vacate their positions to give investigative wings a freehand to carry out thorough investigations,” he said.


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