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The drama in PF and the options

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The PF remains the most solid party with structures across Zambia. Despite losing power two years ago, the party has remained intact with prospects of bouncing back to power.

This is on condition that the party continues to hold together and avoid the route taken by the two former ruling parties – UNIP and MMD.

We have seen the party presence during national events and as we drive around the country. Just this week on Independence Day, foristance, Kafue town was dotted with green. The general party membership remain hopeful. *But the PF leadership is killing the party.* Soon, the members will lose hope and join other political parties.

The drama that started this week will be a long battle that will be difficult for PF to wade through. If not well handled, It will take the Michael Chilufya Sata party to him – to the grave.

We forsee this battle go all the way beyond 2026 because the ruling party should be interested and will capitalise on it. The PF is indeed in what they would say if a patient was in hospital in ICU. It is being helped to breath by the machine. They have to do something or they are gone.

The PF leadership must take this political battle away from the courts and sit down with Miles Sampa.

They must engage the PF godfather or godmother to to spearhead this mediation. Sad ABC (Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda) is no more, he would have been better placed to bring these two warring parties together. Perhaps Guy Scott could. He could constitute a team of five respected figures comprising himself, former First Lady Christine Kaseba, a Traditional leader with influence in the party, one of their long time sponsors from the Business community and a neutral respected ordinary member who is one of the founder members of the party to represent the general membership.

This team should first talk to ECL and ask him to come out if he is indeed coming back or not. Our understanding is that he is perceived to be at the core of this confusion so he must come out clear. He must be told in no uncertain terms what is at stake.

The team should then proceed to meet the two factions and iron out these issues. They must be made to understand that this issue can only be resolved either by the ballot or negotiation through mutual understanding.

The PF must know that the problems the party is going through can only be resolved by themselves now and not later. They managed in 2015 but the situation is different now because they are in opposition.


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