The defections to Rainbow Party will be like a Tsunami – Kabimba

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Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba has told Zambian Eye that the pace at which people are leaving other political parties to join his Rainbow Party will only get better to what he likens as a Tsunami.

In an exclusive interview, Kabimba who is the president of Rainbow Party said with time the mass movement of people joining his party will be like a Tsunami and will demonstrate to the doubting Thomases that his party is the next government.

Kabimba who is former Minister of Justice and Chief Executive Officer for Patriotic Front (PF) explained that in just two months from the time Rainbow Party was formed, the party has formed structures in all the 10 provinces of Zambia. He said the party has continued to receive members from the ruling Patriotic Front and other political parties.

“The Rainbow Party has given a lot of hope to many Zambians and hence the desire by people you are hearing joining the party. And what you see can only get better. Wait for two months you will see a Tsunami,” Kabimba explained.

He said currently the party is doing a lot of work, revising the constitution to ensure that it conforms to the national ideals that the party subscribes. He said the party would like to have a constitution that stands a test of time.

Kabimba explained that a manifesto which will be supported by a social and economic programme was also being worked on. He explained that he hopes all this work will be completed by end of February in readiness for the party launch whose date will be communicated.

He said the interim national leadership of Rainbow Party will be announced at the party launch.

Kabimba who was instrumental in ushering PF into government in 2011 said Rainbow Party will hold a People’s Assembly (Congress) before the 2016 General election to elect leaders that will steer the party to the polls.


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