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The Crypto of Football Pope: Introducing BetHustlers

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Sports betting, one of humanity’s oldest pastimes, dates back over 2000 years. Ancient Greeks and Romans indulged in this hobby passionately, while many rulers attempted to ban it during the Middle Ages, albeit unsuccessfully. With the advent of the internet, a new era dawned in sports betting, garnering immense popularity. Today, billions of dollars circulate in this market.

Csépányi Gábor, founder of FutballPápa (FootballPope: and a former professional footballer of 17 years, now thrives in the fields of sports betting and tipping. The international version of FutballPápa (FootballPope), BetHustlers, is a self-developed platform where the token plays a central role. Leveraging the success of FootballPope, BetHustlers ventures into the international arena, aiming to replicate its billion-dollar success.

“A part of our dex fees goes into BetHustlers bankroll, used for placing bets, and the profits are shared between token buyback (value appreciation) and increasing the bankroll. We keep our holders informed about the status of our bankroll account and match outcomes,” – Csépányi Gábor explained.

The BetHustlers Token is the official cryptocurrency of Football Pope, serving not only as a means of payment but also forming a bankroll with a portion of the fees a bankroll is also formed, with which the Pope himself places bets and the winnings are used to buy back tokens.

If you have 6,000 BetHustlers Tokens, you can access the exclusive BetHustlers PRE Tip group, which is over +27% profit in May. In this elite circle, you’ll receive daily insights and tips from none other than our world champion tipster Owner and CEO, Gábor Csepányi.

“With BetHustlers Token, we’re not just participating in bets; we become part of a family that values security, transparency, and fairness, enabling us to engage in sports betting in a decentralized, fair, and dynamic world,” – added the founder.

Currently, a presale phase runs until 14th June, with details accessible via social media. During the presale phase, BetHustlers Tokens are available at a 40% discount compared to the listing price.

1st Round: 05.28 – 06.01 | Price: $0.25
2nd Round: 06.01 – 06.06 | Price: $0.29
3rd Round: 06.06 – 06.11 | Price: $0.32
Exchange listing: 06.14 | Price: $0.35

The presale is available as BetHustlers own private sale or through the LATOKEN exchange (IEO):



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