The cowardice of PF is clear for all Zambians to see

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It all started with the most scandalous election in our history in 2016, followed by a series of questionable court rulings and blatant constitutional breaches. Then we had the most comical treason case in humanity. Today we have a divided nation which has resulted in discrimination in the civil service, curtailed freedoms, abuse of human rights and restricted development.

The PF inconsistency, dishonesty and dodginess over the dialogue process is clear in the sequence below:

1. The international community, church, the commonwealth negotiated the release of HH from the evil incarceration and SG Patricia Scotland informed the world that HH and ECL had put the past behind them and were both willing to work towards resolving issues that had divided the country.

2. At this stage ZCID was nowhere near these talks and could have been busy scratching themselves to boredom and insignificance.

3. Clearly commonwealth was ready to lead and move the process as they had appointed a high profile diplomat Professor Ibrahim Gambari as the Envoy Dialogue for Zambia. He travelled to the country several times and held meeting with key stakeholders including HH and ECL.

4. A conclusion to have the Zambia led dialogues process facilitate by the commonwealth was arrived. With the emphasis for inclusivesness by inviting the church, civil society and private sector.

5. As momentum gathers the PF shifted position and demanded for a process to be Zambian owned with Zambian institutions, initially not categorically mentioning ZCID who were just being woken up from their slumber.

6. UPND sensing the role of commonwealth is being strategically suppressed insisted that the commonwealth should lead the dialogue. As per initial promise both HH and ECL had assured to the commonwealth secretary general.

7. Wanting not to impose itself the commonwealth took a back seat and a Zambian led dialogue gained traction which led the proposal that the Church should lead.

8. Later all political parties agreed at workshop in Siavonga for the Church to lead the dialogue and ZCID to provide the secretariat.

9. After this agreement the PF changed position again and demanded that ZCID should lead as it is the organization mandated to promote interparty dialogue. Opposition insisted that ZCID had no capacity financially, experience-wise and credibility-wise.

10. A meeting organized by ZCID which attempted to bypass major opposition UPND and win certain stakeholder flopped as the majority of the attendee in that meeting also elected to have the Church lead the dialogue process.

11. Another maneuver was created when PF suggested to have a team of prominent citizens, all this to just avoid the Church. The appointment of these citizens was not clear and failed to achieve concensus.

12. After exhausting all arguments to block the Church, PF succumbed and reintroduced the Siavonga resolutions where it was agreed that the church would lead and ZCID provide the secretariat.

13. A preliminary meeting was held ahead of the launch of the dialogue process and as expected the usual suspect, Lungu and PF stayed away.

14. Despite both PF and UPND electing to have the church lead the dialogue process, we have a ZCID which is today antagonizing the church. Strangely this entails it is also disrespecting the decisions of their principal parties.

15. The ZCID have pulled out but the Church should remain resolute because ZCID pulling out is as good as a printer running out of toner. That wont stop patriotic Zambians from talking to one another.

The question that begs an answer is why this PF party which calls itself the anointed ones and even claim that Jesus is in the boat, have been so scared of the church. If you take count, they have definitely been denied the church more than three times.

Richard W


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