The court is asking me very difficult questions – Nevers Mumba’s Veep

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The latest  episode in the leadership battle for the former ruling party was served in Court on Monday as witnesses from Nevers Mumba camp took to the stand once more.
Reuben Sambo who introduced himself as the Vice President of the party was the plaintiff’s last witness as they closed their case on Monday.
Dr Mumba’s veep further dampened their pastor Mumba’s chances to hold on to MMD In Court as he could not respond to straight forward questions relating to the operations of the former ruling party.
Rev. Sambo had started on a good note as he seemingly quoted the party constitution as he was guided through during Examination-in-Chief and tried to justify  why the people holding  office should vacate.
But the witness was soon deflated when Jonas Zimba took the witness through cross examination.
It was during cross examination that the audience in the Court was treated to some factual drama as he started rescinding some of his earlier positions before the lunch health break.
He told the court that among other things the court should reinstate were the names which were taken out as office bearers of the party by the Registrar of Societies as the convention which elected new NEC members was illegal.
The defense lawyer Jonas Zimba asked Rev. Sambo when he was appointed as Vice President, in his response said 2016 but changed his mind  when he was asked the same question after resuming cross examination after recess.
Sambo also testified that he has never been on a list of MMD officials that he wants the court to help reinstate by the Registrar of Societies but that since he is now vice president of the party he would eventually be on the list once the court rules in their favour.
After earlier submitting that former national secretary Mwansa  Mbulakulima was an expelled member hence had no powers to call for a national  convention the witness could however not show evidence of his claims the court.
He also testified that the president did not have powers to discipline the national secretary as per party constitution but that there are special circumstances were he can do that as a leader.
Asked if the NEC had powers to change the constitution which explicitly says there “shall” be a convention every five years Sambo answered in the negative  but that he wanted to explain why Nevers Mumba’s appointed NEC had wanted to extend the convention by a year.
Asked if he has ever attended a convention Samboh said he has never attended a convention of the party as he was only nominated by Dr Mumba and ratified by NEC a position which contravenes the party constitution.
The witness was further asked if he knew Reuben Mutolo Phiri, Annie Chungu and Howard Kunda to which the answer was in the affirmative but couldn’t  remember whether Annie Chungu who is now the vice president administration was a member of parliament.
Asked when he thought the party convention  would be held Rev. Sambo said it should have been held in 2017 but that court case had made them delay.
Asked if the solution to the challenges would be sorted by holding a convention Rev. Sambo refused saying not all the problems  are sorted out by holding a convention.
Rev. Sambo further admitted that Judge Sikazwe granted an injunction against the convention but that the injunction was discharged by the same judge.
A very heated and unsettled Rev. Sambo further complained to the court that defence lawyers were asking him very difficult questions and that he had to think deeply for him to give proper answers.
The plaintiff’s witnesses have been exhausted after having submitted that they had 10 witnesses but which were later recalled and reduced to eight with Rev. Sambo being the last.
The court has since adjourned March 26 and 27 in readiness for the Defence.

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