The case of Malawi on maize-gate scandal involving Zambia

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Malawi has delivered her reports on the investigations on the Maize-gate scandal involving Zambia and Malawi and recommendations have been outlined including disciplining the ADMARC management.

The Commission of Inquiry and the Joint Parliamentary Committee of Malawi have both delivered their reports which highlights damning and stinking fraud and corruption in the deal.

The speedy manner the two Inquiries have delivered their reports is amazing compared to our Zambian Inquiry on Voting Pattern and Electoral Violence which is still sitting and even extending its sittings despite it having been commissioned earlier than the Malawian Commission and Committees.

Anyhow, that is our work culture anyway. But the reports from Malawi which i had chance to read through, have findings that point to elements of fraud and corruption in this transaction.

These elements must be explained by the Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF) and Ministry of Agriculture and our ACC must move fast before offices hosting this evidence are burnt as it has happened in Malawi.

I leave it here as concerned citizens on this matter are actively pursuing this matter with the vigour it deserves.

Suffice to say that ACC must move and police must arrest the fraudsters at ZCF and Ministry of Agriculture.

I wish the police were to be swift at arresting those involved the way they have been doing when pursuing political opponents of their commander.

By MacDonald Chipenzi


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