The cancelling of Koffi Olomide’s performances

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I have read with pride, as Zambia has taken one of the most definitive step in women’s rights activism.

Obviously we all know what Koffi Olomide did, but the actions taken by Kenya and Zambia is dismissing him shows our continued commitment to improving the plight of the African woman on the continent. Women continue to face adverse conditions in Africa, from rape to gender based violence. With the underlying reason being their gender, Africa is making progressive steps towards improving their plight as the continent becomes more aware of the role that women play in our society.
I certainly welcome the cancellation of the show as well the deportation from Kenya. We should carry a zero tolerance for anyone who engages in violence against women. I think its cowardly, childish and unbecoming of a gentleman. We should without a doubt aim to strive for a world in which our daughters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers will not be second class citizens on a continent they have built.
Let’s continue to hold higher standards for each other, lets continue to fight against the institution tyranny that afflicts the many women on the continent. Always remember, when you allow for anyone to mistreat a woman that there is a 9 year old girl out there in Africa who is being defiled by a man she thought was her father. Your silence, compounds this reality for many African women. So at every point when the time comes for you to fight for the African woman, STAND UP. AND FIGHT!!!
I have, never been proud of, Zambians than I’m now. I commend the citizenry and the commitment we have showed to be a moral factor on how African women are treated.
I’m so proud!!
George N. Mtonga II
George N. Mtonga Scholarship For Academic Excellence

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