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Zambia is one of the main countries in the south-central African region. Lusaka is the capital and is really a honeycomb of this landlocked country. If someone gets a chance to work on an expat position in Zambia, he/she is going to experience good times living in Zambia. Most of the people leave in Lusaka.

Zambian people get along well amongst themselves and with foreigners. They love to play online games with supabets promo code when they have some free time. In this article, we will take a look at different factors that are important in Zambia lifestyles like food, healthcare, jobs, tourism, and Shopping.

Victoria Falls

Food lifestyle in Zambia

In the capital of the country, Lusaka, you will find a variety of restaurants. Some of them well known to cover most of the global cuisines. Cities like Livingstone and Lusaka are loaded with good western restaurants and curry houses. Enough sources of lakes and rivers in Zambia provides more amount of supply to the Zambian fishermen and restaurants throughout the country.

If you want to try out the local Zambian food, you must know about nshima. Zambia people love to eat this with vegetables and a protein. You will find small traders, who sell theirs produces at markets.

Shopping in Zambia

Lusaka has got many shopping areas. Lusaka’s great east road, Leopard hill, has got modern shopping centres for everything you are looking for. Lusaka and other main cities have open markets and where one can bye fresh vegetables, new brand as well as second-hand clothes and homewares. Most of the hotels and lodges have their own shops, which focus on selling handcrafted or specially designed items to tourists like safari clothing, pottery and copperware, jewellery and leather bags. Lusaka has got the biggest market on freedom road. Shopping note: You should be aware that the unemployment rate if high in Zambia. So many pick- pocketers are there in a crowded area. Stay Alert. General shopping hours in Zambia are morning 8 am to the evening at 5 pm. On Saturdays, shops remain open till 2 pm.

Nightlife in Zambia

You can live nightlife in Zambia city life. Areas like Lusaka, Copperbelt and Livingstone, are good for nightlife. The cities have lot many hotels, cinema theatres, nightclubs. You can experience live concerts, dance shows, and floorshows mostly on weekends. Hotels in Livingstone are well known for lively tourist experiences. Most of the hotels arrange live shows for tourists after dinner. The live shows are like traditional music and dancing. They always encourage people to get up and dance with them. One must also experience, the riverboat ride in Upper Zambezi with a snack, barbecue and live music on the cruise.

Tourism in Zambia

Few of the best places to visit in Zambia are Victoria Falls, Shiwa Ng’andu Manor, Lake Kariba and Kashiba, Sindabezi Island, Blue Lagoon National Park, Samfya Beach, and Nyika Plateau National Park. Victoria falls is one of the most famous places one should visit. British person David Livingstone saw this beautiful waterfall for the first time a hundred years ago. The beauty of the waterfall is still breath-taking. Tourist opts to view the site through micro flight or helicopter or from knife Edge bridge.


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