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The award given to the last positioned participant of the Tour de France

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The Tour de France is one of the most prestigious and grueling cycling races in the world. You can make online sports betting Uganda from on all stages from this competition.


It covers over 3,500 kilometers in 21 stages over the course of three weeks. Most people tend to focus on cyclists who get different awards, such as:


  • the yellow jersey, for the overall leader of the race;
  • the green jersey, for the cyclist with the most points;
  • and the polka dot jersey, for the cyclist who leads in the mountain stages.


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Meet the Red Lantern

The “Lanterne Rouge” (Red Lantern) award is given to the rider who finishes the race in last place overall. The award has a long and storied history in the Tour de France, dating back to the very first race in 1903. While waiting for other editions of this competition, explore the 1xBet slots online and win.


The origins of the award are somewhat murky. But it is believed to have originated as a way of recognizing the hard work and determination of the riders at the back of the pack. They often faced the toughest conditions and most challenging terrain. In the early years of the race, finishing last was seen as a major accomplishment in and of itself. This is because only a small percentage of riders who started the race were able to make it to the finish line. The online slots from 1xBet are perfect for using while waiting for who will finish last of this competition.

An honor that surprisingly many want to get

Over time, the Lanterne Rouge became something of a badge of honor among the riders. Many competitors try to finish last in order to earn the recognition. This led to some creative tactics and strategies. For example, some purposely slowing down in the final stages of the race to ensure that they crossed the finish line last. The offers a fantastic collection of games for those who want to finish first in terms of rewards.


In recent years, the Lanterne Rouge has lost some of its luster, as finishing last in the Tour de France is no longer seen as a major accomplishment. With advances in training, equipment, and nutrition, the majority of riders are now able to complete the race.


Nevertheless, the Lanterne Rouge remains a beloved tradition in the Tour de France. Many fans and riders still view it as a symbol of the race’s unique and grueling character. It is also a reminder of the importance of perseverance, determination, and grit, qualities that are essential to succeed in any endurance sport. At 1xBet you can also wager on all editions of the Tour de France too.



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