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Thank you, Sata tells Mufumbwe

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President Sata

President Michael Sata has thanked the people of Mufumbwe for voting for the Patriotic Front (PF) and its candidate Stephen Masumba in the parliamentary by- election held yesterday where the opposition MMD and UPND fielded a joint candidate.

President Sata, who reinforced the PF’s government’s commitment to distribute development in all parts of the country, noted that the PF’s defeat of MMD and UPND in Mufumbwe is for the people of Zambia.

The President said this in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today by the Special Assistant to the President, Press and Public Relations, George Chellah.

Mr. Sata has also expressed gratitude to the Zambian people for demonstrating their confidence in his administration following the national wide local government by elections in which the ruling party has scooped a total of 12 out of the 14 ward by elections.

“It is clear that the PF has continued gaining popularity as the only party with a national character and appeal.

“Indeed the PF has gained incredible ground in North – Western, Western, Eastern and Central provinces. The recent victories in Chavuma, Luena, Petauke, Muchinga, Rufunsa Chibombo and many others are a clear testimony of this rapid progression,” the President noted.

Mr. Sata further noted that the people of Mufumbwe have made a clear choice against political of hate, ill-will and tribalism by resolutely deciding to vote for development and unison.

He added that Mufumbwe residents have also freely shown that they are willing to side with progressive movement that is committed to delivering inclusive growth.

“No doubt, our dear brothers and sister of Mufumbwe have with certainty rejected opportunism and meaningless political rhetoric in preference for national development and unity. This is how it should be and the Zambian people must be guaranteed that a new era of proper democracy, where people’s wishes are respected, has dawned,” he said.

The President has therefore assured the people of Mufumbwe that his government will set out to work hard to ensure development and equitable supply of resources in the area.

The Head of State has since praised the PF supporters that participated in the by elections country wide for exhibiting impressive levels of restraint, humility and maturity.

“As Head of State and PF President I am proud that our supporters behaved well even under extreme provocation from the opposition. I must admit that it’s quite unfortunate to see the once vibrant and disciplined MMD transform into a violent gang under the leadership of a man of the collar, Pastor Nevers Mumba,” the President said.

“This is a serious indictment on Pastor Mumba’s leadership and it calls for serious introspection. We cannot have a political party, which is headed by a man of God be found wanting in murderous and violent acts like what happened in Rufunsa and Mufumbwe. My advice to the MMD and UPND alliance is that we should all commit to good politics if indeed it’s the people of Zambia we intend to serve,” he added.

The President noted that government remains committed to engaging progressive forces within the opposition in its quest to implement pro poor measures that will culminate into speedy economic expansion, job creation and poverty


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