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Tensions in Lusaka are high – HH

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File: HH addressing a rally in Lufwanyama

File: HH addressing a rally in Lufwanyama

Tensions in Lusaka are high. In 2016 the majority of our youths in the city and beyond are faced with the reality of limited opportunities to earn a living, either through employment or through enterprise.

Meanwhile, prices continue to rise at record rates, increasing the number of people surviving on two or just one meal a day. This in a country with so much fertile land!

While elsewhere in the world economies are struggling because ageing populations mean they do not have enough people of working age to drive growth, here in Zambia we are blessed with a young and energetic population with unlimited potential. There are some who are succeeding against the odds but the majority have been denied the opportunities they need through no fault of their own. Vulnerable and frustrated, they are being squeezed to the sidelines of our society. Here we see yet another problem caused by mismanagement and failed leadership at State House.

The UPND 10 Point Plan will ensure that our youths are given the opportunities they need so that they can build a stake in society. Our umbrella commitments include prioritising job creation, investing more in education and creating a more competitive business environment.

There are a number of areas in which we can take direct action to create openings for our youths. One such area is mentorship and industry-led youth outreach. We want to see skills transfer between generations. The sharing of knowledge and guidance by those with expertise in various sectors should become common practice. The financial investment needed for such an intervention is low but for the young recipients the experience can be life changing.  For those serving as mentors and leading the outreach there is also an opportunity here, an opportunity to serve as a responsible citizen and an opportunity to bind us closer together as a nation.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President


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