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Tayali escapes beating from UPND Cadres

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File: Tayali leaving court today

File: Tayali leaving court

Political Commentator Chilufya Tayali, was nearly roughed up by opposition UPND Cadres at Lusaka Central Police Station.   Tayali had to be escorted by the Police from Lusaka Central Police where he had gone to visit detained UPND Vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, popularly known as GBM.   The irate Cadres after spoting Tayali demanded that he leaves as he was not needed since he is an enemy of the party.   Tayali has been a adent critic of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.   This is what Tayali wrotes after the incidence:   I went to Church this morning at 07:00hrs and what characterized my prayers was GBM, his family and the peace for the Nation as we get closer to election date. After Church I felt compiled to go back to Central Police and see him like I did yesterday.   I was advised by the police that I can’t see GBM because it was past visiting hour. As I was going out some cadres approached me with a view of getting me out of the police station.   Some police officers intervened and brought me inside the police buildings. At that point they (cadres) started shouting that I should go because GBM is UPND which party I don’t support.   Some family members, who included GBM’s wife and children, tried to protect me that I am a family friend but the cadres refused and shouted back “Tapali ifya family apa!”   I had to be escorted to my car by police officers who drove with me for a distance then dropped off to walk back to the station.   Now, this is what I talk about, the political intolerance and the danger of UPND if they were to get power. If you are not UPND, then you are an enemy regardless of your goodwill towards their member.   Others would say that I am biased because it is not only UPND who practise violence in this Country, PF also does the same. But I am a man that criticizes both sides. At one point I was an ardent critic of Sata but I was never in danger nor was I beaten by PF cadres inspite of them being in power. I have also occassionaly criticized President Lungu but the insults I get from PF cannot be compared to the load I get from UPND.   GBM is a personal friend whom I appreciate at that level but we do not agree on his political path and both of us are clear on that. However, time and again we do talk because I appreciate him as a friend and a brother.   This is very sad that politics in this Country wants to water away all our values as human beings. Before politics we are human being who are supposed to relates and associate with each other especially when we are in difficulties.   I will not relate to be a friend or brother to anyone regardless of their political affiliation because I stand for love of thy neighbour before anything, be it money, politics, tribe or any social divide.   The issues I talk about when it comes to UPND are very clear specific in the interest of the Nation. If someone was given responsibility in the past to look after National resources and he takes advantage of that, I should condemn that and not support his candidature unless he shows repentance.   Last year I attended a Press Conference of the UPND to hear the facts to their claims that PF stole their votes and they assaulted me (In picture, the other pictures are some of the UPND security men)  

  • Kosenifye bane, politics teyabana iyoo. Beating me will not multiply votes, just like keep GBM in jail will not turn around the hearts of UPND members into PF rather they will just hate more.

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