Tayali accuses HH of practicing diabolic politics, links Vespers Shimuzhila

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HH reporting Tayali at the Police

First and foremost, I would like to make it clear that, I, Chilufya Tayali, the President of Economic and Equity Party (EEP) have nothing personal against Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, the President of United Party for National Development (UPND), however, we have reservations with the way Mr. Hichilema has been conducting his political activities.


We are concerned that, Mr. Hichilema is practicing diabolic politics, which borders on illegality and can set this Country on fire if remain unchallenged. Basically, what, I and my party are doing is to diffuse the possible mayhem that could erupt out of Mr. Hichilema’s political activities.

Following his five times failure to succeed as a Presidential candidate, Mr. Hichilema has employed desperate strategies to get into State House.

Mr. Hichilema has become so impatient that he has resorted to using some Non-Governmental Organization to mobilize citizens for a possible revolt against the PF leadership so that he can get into State House.

There is also a ploy to use some known civil activists to overly criticize the PF leadership, using highly inflammatory statements to excite citizens’ emotions.

They have also engaged a swam of social media bloggers who are active online churning out false propaganda to feed into western media and paid commentators.

This is how we are having stories coming out of Western media, including Africa Confidential, BBC, Norwegian newspaper, among others.

Just last week we had a Norwegian Newspaper publishing a distorted story that Norway, has cut aid because the Zambian government, under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu, bought two Presidential jets costing about $400 million.

The truth of the matter is that, Norway did not cut aid to Zambia because of the two jets, but it was as a result of their parliamentary decision to scale down their expenditure, especially to Countries that had reached a middle income status.

Three years ago, Norway, on account of Zambia’s earning a middle income status, reduced bilateral aid to Zambia and closed their embassy in Zambia, this decision had nothing to do with the Presidential jets but what was resolved in their parliament. However, the propaganda of the UPND, has taken it up to make Edgar Lungu’s government look bad.

I wish to urge the Zambian people, to realize, that, while the President has so much powers, it is not everything that he can do, certain decisions are made by other departments of government as prescribed by the Constitution.

For example, aviation security of the President is the function of Zambia Air force, mandated by the constitution, so this and another procurement being done is the decision of the Air Force. And from what we have gathered, those planes do not cost anything of the $400 million but, about $45 million and $60 million respectively.

We have also gotten information that one of the planes will be used for commercial purposes so that, we can raise some money out of it, through Zambia Airways. But it should be understood that, the decision to buy these planes were made before President Lungu came in and they are assets of our Country and not President Lungu personally.

All these lies are part of the strategies that Mr. Hichilema and his party are using to destabilize our Country.

However, more seriously and direct, they are using some named civil activists, who we will not mention for now, and an NGO called National Empowerment Forum (NEF)

This organization is being used by the UPND and it is being funded by Mr. Hichilema.

If you check the records at Pacra, Mr. Hichilema is not part of the directors, but we have evidence that he is the man behind it because almost all the financial obligations are met by himself.

This organization does not even seem to have a bank account, because our private investigators found no account in the name of this organization. Mostly they deal with cash or cheque from Mr. Hichilema.

Recently, this organization purchased about 2000 bicycles and 160 Motorbikes which have been distributed throughout the Country.

Find attached is a sample list of motor bikes registered in the name of Mr. Hakainde Hichilema. We have also attached a sample list of the people using the some of the motorbikes.

Find also attached is the one of the Road Tax showing the ownership of the bikes.

Ordinarily, we would not have an issue with a political party sponsoring an NGO engaged in serving the Zambian people just like the Patriotic Front (PF) have Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC).

However, with NEF, the organization is used to recruit members to engage in political activities in the interest of the UPND.

NEF has been recruiting members on behalf the UPND and we are worried with the database of these members. Some of the members are civil servants who are not supposed to be doing politics, especially men in uniforms who are called Ex-officials. Teachers are also targeted since they are mostly involved in elections.

Surprisingly, the late UNZA student who died during the riot of 4th-5th October was one of the members recruited by NEF and she was in-charge of mobilizing in Avodale. However, since this case has gone to Court, I will not discuss much of this girl, we will bring out more evidence in Court and the inquest that will be opened.

Nonetheless, this revelation can help the citizens understand why the funeral of Verspers, became a UPND affair with Mr. Hichilema posing as the Chief mourner.

Without prejudice, we would also like to remind the citizens of the death of Mapenzi Chibulo who also died in illegal political activities of the UPND. The funeral and political hype of Mapenzi was similar to what we had on Verspers. I wish to say, that, more details will come out.

I don’t wish to be seditious, but one wonders if political sacrifices are an illusion or we are experiencing it in Zambia.

We can give NEF the benefit of doubt on their membership recruitments, but if you go down to look at the material they use to train their members, it is very clear that, this organization funded by Mr. Hichilema, is diabolic politically.

NEF has a recruitment strategy called, 40 – 40, which stipulates that members are should recruit 40 new members for them to get a monthly allowance. This recruitment

The focus of most of the lectures are centered on making the current Leadership, particularly the President as a bad leader who has brought suffering, poverty in Zambia and therefore, Zambia need a Competent Economic Leader (CEL) (Show slide Leadership hindering good life).

Citizens are told of all sorts of bad things, vilifying President Lungu so that people can hate him and change him with HH.

NEF also has groups which they call Community Voter Defenders (CVDs). These people are trained on various electoral processes but also how to destabilize elections, like what we used to see during the 2016 general elections which saw some people arrested though acquitted. (Show slides on CVDs)

To facilitate their works, NEF has brought 2000 bicycles for each Ward and 160 Motorbikes for each Constituency. The motorbikes were brought from Agribikes at a cost of K24,000 each and Mr. Hichilema paid for them.


NEF does not openly disclose who is behind the organization, and they use the Umbrella Theory, which basically says that, as long as you are under the shade, feeling cool, under the umbrella, you do not need to know what is on top of the umbrella. (Show Umbrella Theory)

However, the following are the faces of NEF:

1. Monze Muleya as National Chairman but works for a USAID project of Empowerment, in Kabulonga, as Regional Coordinator for Central and Lusaka Province

2. Maimpa Kanema as Vice Chair, but working for Ministry of Health at Ndeke House.

3. Mainga Kabika as Director Gender though doubles as Dipak Patel Secretary and Chief protocol for HH

4. Edgar Siyakachoma is the Executive Director (He wanted to stand in Kalomo as MP, but because of NEF, HH asked him not to)

5. Jacqueline Banda as Human Resource but she is a former CEEC Director

The offices used to be Plot 44 Sable Road, which is a house, we believe belongs to Dr. Njaye, one of the Directors of Victoria Hospital

However, they have since moved to 18B which is a house believed to be owned by GBM. The signage on this house is for Water Research Consultant (WRC), but NEF has an office there where they do Data Entry.

They are also operating on 10 Mwinilunga Cresent, in a house believed to be Bob Sichinga’s.

During elections, they use a house near UNZA on Great North road, we would not get the details but it is a green Gate right at Marshlands station.

We are very confident out of the evidence we have gathered and our interaction with some senior UPND officials that, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema is up to no good.

His focus is not to serve the Zambian people but to get power because he has heavily indebted himself from the many people that has been helping him with resources.

Therefore, we feel, Zambians would be making a big mistake to have Mr. Hichilema as President because through his indebtedness, Zambia is as good as sold.

Since we believe that some of the activities, borders on illegality, we intend to report Mr. Hichilema to the authorities so that they can investigate.



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