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Tanzanian President to address Zambian Parliament

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Tanzanian President Hassan Suluhu

Tanzanian President, Samia Suluhu Hassan is next week -Wednesday expected to address the Zambian Parliament.

First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Malungo Chisango has announced in Parliament this morning.

Chisango said following the address by the Tanzanian President, Vice President Mutale Nalumango will move a motion of thanks to President Hassan on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Parliament has suspended Standing Orders number 51 to allow the Tanzanian President to address the house next week.

In moving the motion to suspend the Standing Orders, Nalumango said it will be an honour to allow President Hassan to address the house.

Lunte Member of Parliament, Mutotwe Kafwayabl seconded the motion saying Members of Parliament are looking forward to hearing from President Hassan whose country has rapidly been transformed over the years.



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