Tame your ‘puppies’ before we crush them, Mutati warned

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By Staff Reporter

Youths from the Nevers Mumba-led MMD faction have reacted angrily to the attempted physical assault on their leader by some youths from a rival faction led by Felix Mutati.

Lusaka Province youth chairman Friday Chipasha has warned Mutati that his hired youths will be “crushed” next time they try to attack Dr. Mumba.

On Wednesday, a group of youths from the Mutati camp led by Gerald Chiluba and Prince Ndoyi stormed United Voice Radio in Lusaka and attempted to manhandle Dr Mumba who was featuring on a live interview programme.

Reacting to the incident, Chipasha, in a statement circulated this morning, says it is unfortunate that some university graduates are championing violence instead of looking for jobs.

“It is very unfortunate that Wednesday’s failed attack on our Party President was led by two disgruntled unemployed graduates namely Gerald Chiluba and Prince Ndoyi. We sympathise with them because of the lack of job opportunities but the route of violence they have taken of getting a few coins from Mutati and Nakachinda through being their attack dogs is very dangerous. What if they got injured, would Mutati have paid for their medical bills? We feel sorry for their parents that after spending a fortune on their University education they are today seeing their children on TV with sticks and stones being chased,” Chipasha said.

He charged that the politics that Mutati was practicing are archaic.

“It is very shocking that in an information age, someone in the name of Felix Mutati can be doing archaic Politics of Sticks and Stones. This is someone who falsely claims he is the President of the MMD, which is the Mother of Democracy. We have never seen a Democrat who believes in violence like the way Mr. Mutati does. He eats, breaths and dreams violence. We now understand why he doesn’t want the church to lead the dialogue, he must be scared that the church will remove his demons of Violence, during the dialogue process.”

Chipasha further warned Mutati that MMD youths will not sit idle as he is making attempts on the life of their leader (Dr Mumba).

“Lastly but not the least, we would like to warn Felix Mutati and Raphael Nakachinda that we, as the defenders of our party will not sit idle as attempts are made to eliminate Our President Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba. The next time they decide to send those boys to attack Dr. Mumba, we will not be kind to them by simply chasing them like last time, but we will teach them a lesson by crashing them,” Chipasha said.

He further called upon Youths not to be used as Weapons of Violence.

“We as Youths of the MMD are blessed to have Dr. Nevers Mumba as our Party President. From time in memory, he has always forbidden Us from using violence to resolve things. After those Youths failed to attack Dr. Mumba. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all the Youths in Zambia including Gerald Chiluba and Prince Ndoyi to refuse to be used as agents of violence. Why can’t those Politicians like Mutati send their Children to do those violent vices? So Prince and Gerald, the next time Mutati tries to send you to attack Dr. Mumba just decline and ask him to send Felix Jr his son to do those dirty jobs for him,” Chipasha said.

Pictured is Felix Mutati with Gerald Chiluba on the far left and Prince Ndoyi on the far right.


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