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Take me to court, Lungu dares HH

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As we reported earlier on Thursday, the hunt to have something incriminating the former president Edgar Lungu has intensified by the Hakainde Hichilema (HH) regime, reports Asa Manda.

The former president is able to see the scheme and now feels so frustrated that after an impromptu visit to one of his property in State Lodge area by Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) he had to call out his predecessor to stop the game or take him to Court.

Taking him to court will however need to have his immunity from prosecution lifted by two third of Parliament but the UPND does not have these numbers. Hichilema would need to present a report to Parliament with evidence for Parliament to lift his predecessor’s immunity.

Our Political Analyst in Lusaka says a case has to be built up by the Law Enforcement which pro-Government Activists through the media will make demands for President Hichilema to take the matter to Parliament.

Insiders tell Zambian Eye that the UPND is now working on having the Independent MPs and see if they can woo some PF MPs on their side seeing that the issue of the by-elections to get the numbers is not working out.

“You cannot keep saying ‘Nibakabwalala, Banabar’ (they are Thieves, they stole) if I stole, take me on. He who alleges, must prove and we will defend ourselves,” said the former president who seem to now be affected with the schemes told PF MPs who went to give him solidarity Thursday afternoon.

Not sure if he meant it but knowing it would be problematic for the UPND to get the numbers in Parliament, he still told President Hichilema to start the process of lifting his immunity. He told Hichilema to go lay the case and prove his allegations against him during his tenure.

Lungu says he had enough of accusations and wants to have his day in court.

“My urge is that May the President institute lifting of my immunity by going to Parliament to lay a case so that he can eventually prove what crimes I committed,” Lungu said. “He should start the process of removing my immunity so that I can have my day in court to answer for charges, otherwise they have to stop the accusations because they are causing lawlessness.”

DEC within 24 hours after apologising for telling the Nation that it had seized a lodge which belonging to former president Lungu when in fact not, stormed his property.

His party, PF has condemned the moves by DEC and called on President Hichilema to follow the law by first lifting Lungu’s immunity before embarking on any probe.


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