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T.B. Joshua describes 2019 as “fearful”

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An exclusive YouTube video of Nigerian cleric T.B. Joshua labelling the year 2019 as “very fearful” while praying at an undisclosed ‘prayer mountain’ has gone viral, attracting over 170,000 views just three days since its release.

“I am here because I know where I need to grow. When we know where we need to grow, it is victory itself,” Joshua, who is known for his often-unconventional actions, tells viewers whilst speaking on a rocky plateau in a nameless mountainous region.

Joshua stated he was there “to know the mind of God concerning this fearful year 2019 and also to pray for you and the world at large.”

This comes in lieu of the cleric specifically calling on Nigerians to pray against “a stopover” and “the interruption of the democratic practice” last year, as the West African giant prepares for elections next month in February 2019.

“I like being one with nature – where there are no disturbances, where we don’t need to close our eyes to pray,” he explained, indicating he had been in prayer and fasting for several days to begin the New Year.

“I developed this habit right from the beginning of my ministry… When I need a quiet place, I run to the wilderness, to the mountain,” he continued, conspicuously barefooted, simply clad and holding his Bible.

He proceeded to offer prayer for those viewing him that “whatever hinders you to greatness” would “give way” and “whatever that does not reflect Jesus in your life” would “be removed”.

After climbing down from the rocky heights, the cleric then showed the makeshift, rickety hut he was staying in whilst at the ‘prayer mountain’.

The clip attracted thousands of comments, many of whom extolled Joshua’s humble and simple lifestyle.

His YouTube channel, Emmanuel TV, recently surpassed the milestone of 1,000,000 subscribers, making it the most popular Christian ministry channel worldwide.

Tawia Acheampong is a religious reporter from Ghana


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