Syphilis hits Mazabuka

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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are on the increase in Nega Nega area of Mazabuka District in Southern Province.

According to local reports, a nurse who spoke anonymously, said the infections have been established to be prominent among adolescents ranging from 15 to 25 years old after lab results obtained during screening.

She said the infection is in three types and attributes the increase in the infections to unprotected sexual intercourse as well as having multiple sexual partners.

The nurse said the rate at which the infections are increasing will also increase on the HIV prevalence rate in the area.

Following this development,massive sensitizations are being carried out in churches and funeral gatherings with emphasis on the need for behavioral change among adolescents who shy away from seeking medical care promptly.

The Ministry of Health confirmed an increase in STIs in the last three months with Syphilis being the most prominent infection.

Apparently, in Zambia, the burden of diseases remains high.

A national survey from 2016 found 6.8% overall prevalence of syphilis among adults aged 15-59 years, with a prevalence of 7.2% among females and 6.3% among males.


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