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Sungaman manifests that Dandy Krazy introduced him to the Beast “Underworld”

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Dandy Krazy

Dandy Krazy

A video has emerged showing sensational Zambian musician Andrew Sunga alias Sungaman confessing before a priest that he was a’beast’.

In the video that has been leaked to Zambian Eye, Sungaman is seen laying on the ground in church whilst ‘demons’ in him manifest.

When asked by the Pastor who he was, “I am the beast,” Sungaman responded.

The Pastor further asked the musician: “Who initiated you?”
“Dandy Krazy,” responded Sungaman.

“Dandy Crazy okay,” the Pastor asks Sungaman then the video clip cuts.

A source close to Sungaman, told Zambian Eye that of late the Singer has been having bad dreams, some white people wanting to take him somewhere but he refuses.

“And when he refuses he was beaten bitterly that he had to wake up everyone. I understand he would wake up bruised. When the problem escalated, the mother decided to take him to church. That’s where that video was filmed from,” the source disclosed to Zambian Eye.

Dandy Crazy is a popular Zambia Musician who has sang some very popular songs such as “Donchi Kubeba”, “” and “Chintelelwe”.

Sungaman’s rise to stardom came when he released a political song called “Mwa Sata Kuwayawayafye”.

The song brought to the fore the many campaign promises that late Micheal Sata failed to fulfill when he became republican President and how hard life had become during his reign.

Some of the songs he did include:
-Tombolilo ft Pjay
– Chiyeyeye
– lilya watebele inkuni

Sungaman sounds like Dandy and so many people mistake him to the latter. The duo met in 2003.

You can watch the video here.



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