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Sumaili tells Zambezi Magic to cancel ‘Lusaka Hustle’

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Minister of Religious Affairs and National Guidance, Godfridah Sumaili has ordered Multichoice Zambia to cancel ‘Lusaka Hustle’, a reality show that airs on Zambezi Magic for allegedly promoting homosexuality.

Rev. Sumaili, however, remains mute on her fellow cabinet minister Lawrence Sichalwe who posted a pornographic video in a WhatsApp group over a week ago.

The recently-launched Lusaka Hustle, which follows the lives of top female rapper Cleo Ice Queen and flamboyant singer Kuni, has sparked social media outrage after the latter was seen wearing what appeared to be a dress in the latest episode.

Some social media users have argued that the presence of Kuni – who is believed to be gay – on the show is likely to corrupt the minds of children and lead to the erosion of the country’s moral values and its status as a Christian Nation. Others have gone further to suggest that the show contravenes the country’s anti-homosexuality laws.

And Rev. Sumaili has been quick to weigh in on the controversy surrounding the show, saying: “This show should stop immediately. Our stand as a Christian nation is clear and the laws of the land speak louder.”

But Head of Zambezi Magic, Timothy Okwaro, has rejected assertions that the reality show promotes homosexual behavior.

Okwaro expressed regret about a social media post, which he says has misrepresented the content of the show,

“Lusaka Hustle is a locally produced reality show which follows the lives of three Zambian celebrities who regularly appear on television. The suggestion that the show advocates or promotes any particular lifestyle is an unfair misrepresentation,” Okwaro said today, adding that Zambezi Magic is deeply respectful of Zambian laws and culture.


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