Students attempt to clobber Chanda the PF ‘vuvuzela’ from UNZA Radio

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Sunday Chanda the ruling Patriotic Front ‘vuvuzela’ this morning survived lynching from irate University of Zambia. Confusion erupted when Students stormed UNZA Radio when they head Chanda was a guest on Lusaka star programme hosted by the Institution’s Radio station.

Chanda heads a Non Governmental Organization called Open Society Foundation and has always sided with the ruling party in all his statements. A group of students stormed the Radio station and demanded for Chanda. A Zambian Eye correspondent who was at UNZA says the students wanted Chanda whom they accuse of being a PF vuvuzela explain why government has removed mealie meal subsidy and increased price for fuel.

Chanda was locked and students attempted force themselves in to get him. Management had to call the Police. By press time some police officers had arrived at the Radio station and the students started retreating to Monk Square.

One of the students talked to said if government does not rescind its decision to remove subsidy on mealie meal they will call for all students countrywide to protest.

The students yesterday protested at Muvi Television against the government’s decision to remove subsidy on mealie meal and issued a three day ultimatum for the decision to be rescinded.


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