Stop reckless borrowing, Msoni tells Lungu

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Nason Msoni

Leader of the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) Nason Msoni has asked President Edgar Lungu to stop reckless borrowing.

Msoni in the previous election supported President Lungu has also told the Head of State to refrain from abusing citizens.

Below is a statement:

The President is hereby cautioned and advised to refrain himself from abusing citizens who hold contrary views to his on the question of endless borrowing escapades.

As President you cannot use words like “get out”. Mind you we are your employer and it is disrespectful for an employee to insult the one that feeds him with impunity.

In fact he is to blame for all the reckless borrowing.
The extortion and outright theft of public funds which has reached alarming levels.
His colleagues who previously served under him have persistently and consistently pointed at him as the man who is the most corrupt under this administration.

As President you have plainly failed or neglected to respond or to exculpate yourself to the satisfaction of the public. Third parties or hired agents cannot be the ones speaking on your behalf on the alleged wholesome plunder and thieving of public funds.

In all this the ending will certainly not be a good one.

The people you are insulting for advising you on the reckless borrowing mean well for this country.

Take for instance the extortion in the purchase of fire engines each at a purported cost Price of $1 million dollars. This money could have been better spent in poverty alleviation or provision of social services to the poor. Again the purchase of expired drugs makes no sense how anyone sane can purchase expired drugs at $10 million dollars. As if that was not enough you went and purchased ambulances at an exaggerated cost price of $288.000, and yet the Swedish government paid approximately $52,000 each for the same kind of vehicles.
What is the point of continuing to borrow and ending up misusing the funds recklessly. Just leave the poor out of your tricks. This is not about the poor people you are now claiming to speak for or whose plight you want to claim and to champion but it’s yourself and your friends who are desperate for more money to be borrowed using us and then diverting it for personal use.

It is now public perception that the entire leadership in this government is dishonest and untrustworthy. No one believes that you are an honest leader willing to sacrifice for our country.
Even the $30 million dollars you are trying to wangle out of this fake and bogus airline project is all about extortion of funds or possibly trying to buy yourself a Presidential Jet using the veil of Zambia airways. We know all your tricks playing out.
It is common knowledge that Ethiopia airlines does not employ foreign nationals in their business. So which jobs for locals would be created?in essence even if this so called project was to be implemented the few jobs of our locals employed by other airlines would all be lost as the operations would shutdown due to the monopoly that would be created which will eventually takeover all routes and therefore more Ethiopians would instead be employed at the expense of Zambians.

Zambia is always on the losing end in every deal.


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