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Stepping into Fashion and …Acting with a great attitude

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By Zambian Eye Fashion Editor Val Shaw

I will start by saying, I am very proud of this generation, particularly because I think people from all cultures, Worldwide have opened their eyes and are very dedicated in what they do.

Great multi-talents are pouring in, not only European born Designers or other Western cultures are showcasing their own clothing lines, but anyone who knows their purpose in life is. It’s magnificent how, we are now living in a world where one can say, ” If you can do it , I can do it too” and really mean it.

A massive amount of people from everywhere around the world are putting his or her name out there, instead of hiding their natural born talents, they are coming out of their shells. Fortunately, a variety of our own people are also exposing their multi-talents and making them useful.

Some people are working with people from other countries, who help develop talents or inspire us to achieve a goal and that is really becoming a common thing now, we all learn from the each other.

Well, here at Zambian Eye so far have featured fashion designers such as Martha Kabaso who brought to us articles about, ” Taking a broader look at Zambian Fashion Designers,” which included her own designs called Afri Couture and later talked about another great Fashion Designer, Mutinta NKombo Himoonga who runs “Style Tints Way” and not forgetting the article, “How Chitenge is making a Trend around the World! (The Revolution)”.

The Brand name of, Clara Fernaldo Fashions

The Brand name of, Clara Fernaldo Fashions

Now, I want to introduce to you a multi-talented beautiful Zambian woman who is taking her talents to extremes. Below, is the interview I conducted with her. She is stepping into Fashion and Acting with a great attitude, this young lady has a natural confidence and is always on point when it comes to looking nice, be it in Western Cultured clothing or African Designs …she knows how to work it, besides she designs them herself.

 Clara Fernaldo in Tribal inspired designs, By Clara Fernaldo Fashions!

Clara Fernaldo in Tribal inspired designs, By Clara Fernaldo Fashions!

1. What is your name and what do you do?
My Name is Clara Fernaldo and I am a fashion designer and the CEO of Clara Fernaldo Fashions,
a Global Ambassador of Nollywood Shops.

2. How did you start in fashion and acting, where you inspired by somebody?
Hahaha,I have always loved fashion, ever since I was in high school, besides I love to dress well and instead of wearing someone else’s clothing I decided to design my own and then people started to compliment my clothes and that was how the company started. That’s my inspiration.

My first movie was Retaliation, I played a minor role and since then I have stared in two other movies including a movie by a Cameroonian producer Blaise Sachet titled Greedy Realtor. I also have three other movies lined up for me in the next 3 months and in two of them I will be playing major roles. With acting I was inspired by Imani and Mercy Johnson.

3. What have you accomplished so far in the showbiz journey? Because to me it seems you doing a lot, where do you get the motivation from?
I get the motivation from the encouragement given to me by people who appreciate my designs and the offers I am getting in acting…So far, I have been able to feature in three movies and more offers continue to pour in. So really I thank God for that. I am also motivated by friends and inspired by my surroundings and they keep Clara Fernaldo Fashions going. It’s just unbelievable.

4. In fashion, what kind of clothes do you design? And what kind of people do you design for and why?
Clara Feranaldo fashions, designs for all people and all season. We also have Clara Fernaldo Hand bags, a line of jewelry and perfume coming soon. We are still contemplating if we should carry plus size clothing, which I think would be great because people are now apprecating their full figured bodies, so if the demands continues, we might just do it. why not? Remember for all people that’s what my clothing line represents.
5. So far is your brand well known around the World, Community or anywhere?
Actually, we just started and our formal launching is on the 29th of March 2014. We will start our full promotion of our line of clothing after the formal launching, so get ready world…hahaha!

6. If you are just starting with the promotions and all, What are your plans in making people aware of your clothing line?
Huh! For now we are doing fashion shows and also putting up alot of online promotions, including all social networks.

7. In the entertainment business you need to have a strong attitude and experience, l can say most entertainers feel the are naturally born to be in Show biz. So tell me, has this feeling been with you since childhood?
All I can say is being strong and having a positive attitude towards life, is everything I have had since childhood. That right there says it all. Yep! and like I said before I have always loved fashion and basically, one gains experience with time.

Clara Fernaldo mixed designs by, Clara Fernaldo Fashions

Clara Fernaldo mixed designs by, Clara Fernaldo Fashions

8. Do you happen to have any childhood story that really signified you would definitely be doing what you doing today?
OMG, Yes, I was in a school drama group and people always told me I should be a model and should get into fashion. Now that is what I call a short story now exploding big. Boom!

9. What do think about God and Charity?
Number one, more than anything I love God and Charity is God’s work. I believe we should all give back to the less privileged every now and then. Just stop being selfish, You know.

10. Finally what should we expect from you in terms of fashion and acting in the coming years?
During the launching of the Clara Fernaldo Fashions on the 29th of March, 2014,we will also showcase Clara Fernaldo Handbags and Jewelry Collection. I have three movies lined up for 2014 including a comedy. So be ready to be entertained while looking your best in my clothes. You won’t be disappointed as you can see me modelling in my own fashion line. I first have to feel good in them before anyone, because if you feel good, everyone wearing them will feel great.

Happy NewYear to all and Thank you.


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