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By Chipindi Caleb Fundanga

Sitting here as a toothless but yet so youthful member of the Patrotic front I realize once again why I am toothless. Like being in a home where your parents are going through substance abuse , and you as a child, you are left to cringe hoping and praying the worst doesn’t befall you. The sad reality for so many youths in the beautiful and so emphatic Patrotic Front. Observers will point out the obvious to you but like a blind sheep you will never oblige.

The loyalty of a first rank Sargent at his first deployment. Why though? The PF has enjoyed this parentage over so many Zambian youths over the last decade that they have grown almost disillusioned by the thesis of economic growth. A political party whose leadership has flourished on a populist message now lies in limbo. A recent humiliating defeat in a by-election in Roan constituency to a party that doesn’t even know its President is a true reflection of how what once was, can end up never being. A case of missed opportunity or simple misinformed leadership. Whatever the case, the President doesn’t deserve it and neither do we. What happened to due diligence? A landslide defeat in your strong hold goes without a single firing? Is this an NGO? We’re just asking. What justifies the pay of those securing our parties legacy some might ask? Our colleagues in the opposition are regrouping but in true “Zambian” fashion not without the chaos. Instead of seizing the opportunity to unite and oust the ruling party, every man worth a dime feels they can do it alone.

The problem lies in the sad reality that all the players in their personal capacity genuinely feel that they have over the years invested enough to be the sole heir to this bankrupt throne. Without any clear fiscal or monetary policy being laid out candidates sell themselves as the “I’m different, I will have more money in circulation bleep bleep I won’t steal” now you ask yourself, are the players new? Answer is No not really. When you look at our latest hotshot in the political ring Chishimba Kambwili, one must ask himself. If Kambwili wasn’t fired would he hate the Patrotic Front so much? Answer no.

To understand Zambian politics is to understand hunger, the Zambian politician mirrors the electorate to an extent. The biggest problem is when the ruling party doesn’t realize the extent, then you get millions of kwacha being dished out to electorates past their due date.

Why is leadership so out of touch? They say your company will lead you to your downfall, has someone reminded the President of this. Out of touch has been politicians, come consultants are not the key to holding power but the recipe for a disaster.

Knowledge already within the party that a successor to the out going Vice President has not been discussed and the issue being treated as taboo like the proposed burial site of an ailing relative, leaves the situation trivial. Know we wait as cabinet ministers hover over the President like hyenas waiting to pounce. Lack of direction for the ruling party PF in the last 5 months has left them open for slaughter. The inability of our captains to show the youths a clear direction has left the party at its knees, almost begging for any gratification. Where are our civil servant who we put in critical ministries to ensure developmental projects are evenly partitioned, No where? That’s why our President was made to look incompetent when he attempted to showcase his governments achievements in Roan. The people were tired and not even a hand out which they knew they would drink up over a weekend would change their minds. Enough was enough for them. Back to the basics for the PF, let’s chop the extra fat boss, let’s get some new blood. The politics of intimidation that has since become the norm is no longer working. PF rallies will continue to pull crowds like a Bob Marley concert but will these crowds translate to votes? With the current economic policy of “koseni fye” – (just be strong) without any clear future ahead for the vast populous, not even an entire double CD of campaign songs nor an all out tribal crusade will help the cause.

The millions the ruling party is spending on disrupting the opposition can be spent on party projects  in mobilizing articulate, innovative and tactical youths rather than funding militia clad supporters. Reading all this would have you thinking “wow” easy for the opposition but not so. The biggest of them the UPND cannot seem to rub their ever so glowing tag of being tribal when just days after seeing Chishimba Kambwili’s NDC scoop the roan seat they aggregated their very own Vice President a Bemba who very tribal UPND supporters claim has not added value to the party for not creating significant headway in the ruling party’s strong holds, leading him to the charge of insubordination and now suspension. Sadly enough after having benefitted from their Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s personal sacrifice they don’t see him as their stepping stone to state house, so he must go.

In truth the race for 2021 is between 2 parties the PF and UPND. PF needs to get back to the basics and cut the extra luggage to fly another 5 years and not fall for the trap of new comers who will rejoin the party with their own personal agendas in a room full of hyenas, where confusion is the order of the day and well if UPND want to dethrone them they need to focus on creating a coalition with their brothers in opposition but in doing so not forgetting to make sacrifices of their own.


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