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State House refuses to intervene in CEC and KCM power dispute

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State House says it will not “directly” intervene in the dispute between Konkola Copper Mines and the Copperbelt Energy Corporation which has served notice to cut electricity supply to the mining company over a debt.

KCM is reportedly owing CEC in excess of US$40 million in unpaid electricity bills and had failed to settle the debt despite several demands.

State House spokesperson Amos Chanda confirmed the standoff between the two companies but says Government cannot directly intervene but only create a conducive environment in which the two parties can resolve their differences without affecting workers.

He however says President Edgar Lungu has directed the Ministers of Mines and Energy to facilitate a lasting solution to the dispute.

KCM, which employs over 16,000 direct workers, is primarily engaged in the exploration for, mining, production and sale of copper and copper by-products.

KCM sank Zambia’s first post-independence era mining shaft as part of the Konkola Deep Mining Project (KDMP). This 1,500 metre shaft has ensured KCM’s longevity, by allowing for the access of the deep Konkola ore body and extending the mine life by over 25 years.


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