“State House orders Baptist Church to chase Kalaba from Church”

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Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba who is eying the presidency in 2021 elections was today chased from Baptist Church.

Kalaba who has no political party but says he is leading a movement called The Harry Kalaba Movement says State House ordered the Church to chase him.

This was disclosed in a press release below by The Harry Kalaba Movement Media Team.

*The Harry Kalaba Movement*

Chingola 12 August 2018

*State House Orders Baptist Church to Chase Hon Harry Kalaba from Church*

State House today ordered the Baptist church to chase Hon Harry Kalaba from the ongoing church conference in Masati where he was invited as guest of honour.

The Baptist church holds an annual conference which attracts Christians from different places. This year’s conference attracted about 10000 delegates.
However ,on Saturday afternoon the church received officers from OP who came to question them why they had invited Hon Kalaba for the conference.
The officers informed the church that they had received strict instructions from state house saying Kalaba should not be allowed to attend the conference. The pastors informed Hon Kalaba of the development and he said it was well.

However, on Saturday evening pastors visited Hon Kalaba and told him that he was free to come to church saying the church would not succumb to wrong pressures of the government.

And today Sunday morning, Hon Kalaba proceeded to church and was welcomed into the conference. A few minutes later, the church leadership was called by police and OP officers who were present commanding them to chase Kalaba from Church or have the church tear gased. The church tried their best to reason with the officers stating that Hon Kalaba had not committed any offence and was therefore free like any other Christian to congregate with them.

The angry officers further threatened to deploy more officers to disperse congregants if Kalaba did not leave the premises immediately.

At this point, the church was left with no option but to plead with Hon to leave.
And reacting to the situation, Hon Kalaba who was accompanied by Hon Brian Chitafu immediate past Kafulafuta Member of Parliament said it is not in him to fight for things because his is to see to it that Zambians live in peace with one another because that is what God desires.

He further said that the decision by the government not to allow him worship is inhuman and is against biblical principles.
He went on to say that it is a bad precedence to chase people from Church while we keep claiming to be a Christian nation.

The church assured Hon Kalaba of their prayers in all this.

Issued by
The Harry Kalaba Movement Media Team


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  1. but why take politics in church,just form a political party and do politics . dont hide in church , your fellow politicians are not fools they already know the game you are playing

    August 13, 2018 at 12:12 pm


    August 14, 2018 at 10:02 am

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