State discontinues Ex-State House Aide corruption case

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The State has discontinued a case involving for State House Press Aide Amos Chanda and two others through entering a nolle.l prosequi, reports Asa Manda.

Chanda and former director of the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Zindaba Soko were charged with corrupt practices by a public officer and possessing property suspected to be proceeds of crime involving US$11,000 and US$10,000.

They were charged with El Nahas, a former chairman of Intelligent Mobility Solutions board.

The Director of Public Prosecutions entered nolle prosequi this morning.

Chanda in an unclear cirmustance resigned his position as Press Aide for President Edgar Lungu. He was later to be arrested.


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Start: 2019-07-01 End: 2019-07-31