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Sports Betting 101: Strategies and Betting Tips to Follow

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Some of the best tips and strategies to follow for a better betting experience

One has to develop a plan and execute it flawlessly to succeed in most things in life, and the same applies to betting. Once you do it the proper way, you will be in a position to reap profits year-after-year in the long-run. While there are many strategies bettors can apply to emerge victoriously, it all comes down to the knowledge the bettor possesses and how comfortable they are to execute their abilities.

Good strategies are required to be relatively straightforward and logical while complementing the one placing the bet. The article focus on some of the top-most sports betting strategies every bettor should apply;

Focusing on a single sport and single team

On any given day, you are bound to find hundreds of betting lines across the many sports available worldwide from your favourite Betway app. Therefore, there is a high probability you will always be tempted into placing bad bets. For first-time bettors, it is recommended that you focus on one sport and one team within the sport.

There are numerous leagues and teams worldwide; hence it does not make sense if you spend your time analyzing them. Therefore, if you utilize the above strategy, you get to focus all your energy on a sport you understand better, and that way, you increase your chances of winning.

Fade the public

It is quite a simple technique since the bettor merely has to go against the public’s picks. The concept behind the method revolves around the fact that all lines put forward by sports-books is a reflection of what most bettors will do since the main objective is to attract 50/50 action on both sides.

Soft lines are experienced whenever the public tends to lean too much on one team. In such cases, a bettor has an edge since it can go against the majority’s perception. While applying the above strategy, the critical thing is ensuring you do not follow the masses’ opinion but analyze the game carefully and follow your guts.

Wager less than 2% of Bankroll

For those looking to thrive in the sports betting industry long-term, the above strategy is tried and tested but requires highly disciplined ones. Ensure you place bets that do not exceed 2% of your Bankroll. In case you lose the chance, it will have a more negligible effect on you, unlike in situations where you had placed your bet on one match using 50% of your Bankroll.

Place bets based on ATS records

Among the vital information bettors should be well conversant with is how teams fare against the spread [ATS]- the data is easy to find since it is published on multiple websites. By analyzing the ATS records, a bettor can feel which team tends to perform better whenever they meet head-to-head hence placing the bet on the team they feel comfortable with. Betway provides many markets for bettors to choose from and to make high-quality bets.

It is difficult for a bettor to come up with a winning strategy, but you will eventually get there and enjoy the benefits with practice. Ensure you use a betting system that has been tested before and proven to be effective.


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