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Speed should be 100, past Makeni headed to Chilanga – Miti

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By Laura Miti

Speed limits should make sense and not be used to trap citizens.

The ones on highways in Lusaka are mostly ridiculous, and have drivers having to break below what is logical.

The limits that make least sense are on Kafue Road. Can anyone explain why a stretch with two lanes, a cement barrier with oncoming traffic andwhere no pedestrians (should) cross, is 60?

Crawling past Sundays Creation, is so counter intuitive, one has to remind themselves to slow down.

Then why 80 for 10 meters then suddenly 60?

In my view, once past Makeni, headed to Chilanga, the speed should be 100.

The stretch from the Chelstone tank to the Airport Roundabout should also be, at least, 80.

Simply, logic should apply.


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