Southern Province Expo team uncovers mineral possibilities in Monze District

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The Black Lechwe a rear Antelope specie only found in the Lochinvar National Park in Monze District

District Expo Committee continued it’s push to identify areas of investiment as the big event nears it’s climax by ensuring that all the places with potential are highlighted. 

Having completed their tour of the Eastern part of the district where they have made a number of discoveries including Gemstone prospects last week, the Committee on Wednesday shifted it’s attention to the Western part of the district where they have earmarked a number of economic activities including value addition to livestock products and tourism activities.

Speaking to the media after the Committee toured 3 sites in Monze West Council Public Relations Officer Kanchele Kanchele said the committee was trying to ensure that it does it’s due diligence before investors are taken around the district to check what it has to offer.

Kanchele who spoke on behalf of the committee said Lochinvar National Park which is home to a rear Antelope specie, the Black Lechwe, has not been marketed to it’s full potential as a tourist destination which can bring in a lot of economic activities in the district.

He said the National Park is the only place in the world where people can view the Black Lechwe a fact he noted, the District should not only be proud of but should exploit economically by inviting Safari companies to provide the much needed Tourism services in the park.

Kanchele explained that some service providers in the tourism industry have shown interest in investing in the Safaris in the park adding that the park is not only home to hundreds of bird species but hundreds more species visits the park during the rain season turning it into a spectacular sight for Tourists to marvel at.

“This week we have turned our attention to the West of our district which offers some different economic activities. To start with, we have a National Park in this district with a unique attraction which we have not taken advantage of. The Lochinvar National Park. We need to take advantage of the fact that we have a rear antelope specie here. We need to tell people who love birdwatching that Lochinvar is the place to be. We have some interests from some local Safari companies who are willing to invest in service provisions for the tourists. We hope after the Expo the district will be swarming with tourists heading to the Game Park,” he said.

Kanchele also said the Committee visited Kalahari Geo Energy, a company doing Geo-thermal  exploration works in Bweengwa which he described as the next big thing in the district.

“We also visited another very important project in our district, the Geo-thermal exploration works. The project has huge potential to change the face of the district. The off-shoots from this project will speed up the creation of manufacturing industries in the area. Mostly the industries we are looking at are those of value addition to livestock and dairy products. We have secured land for investment in manufacturing industry especially in value addition to our milk and meat products, putting in mind the cattle population in this area,” he said.

Kalahari Geo Energy Chief Executive Officer Peter Vivian-Neal

And Kalahari Geo Energy Chief Executive Officer Peter Vivian-Neal said his company will be exhibiting at the Southern Province Tourism and Investment Expo where they will make a presentation of the geo-thermal exploration works.

He explained that once operational, the Geothermal project will create thousands of jobs in both direct and indirect jobs.

“There are so many off-shoots from this geothermal project. Some of the direct applications of this project are Milk pasteurization, Horticulture for the growing of vegetables and flowers for export.

“Further Geo-thermal energy helps in speeding up the  breeding of fish, you can reduce the process from 9 months to up to 3 months. Drying of fish and meat products. And other support services such as cafe and restraunts, hotels and lodges and real estates,” he said.
The Southern Province Expo is  being held under the theme “Accelerating Development Through Value Addition and Diversification.”


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