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Song on Zambia’s deteriorating freedom of expression composed

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An upcoming artist has composed a song on freedom of expression in Zambia after 50 years of Independence, reports Lameck Phiri for Zambian Eye.

A new Reggae artist Wallace Tembo has expressed his concern on Zambia’s deterioration of freedom of expression in his song titled ‘’ 50 years of Independence’’.

Tembo concerns were aroused by lack of tolerance by the Zambian government towards citizens who want to hold peaceful demonstrations to air their grievances and views.

The song says way back after getting Independence things were getting better and thanked Zambia’s founding father Dr Kenneth Kaunda and those who fought for Independence but condemns the intolerance of the current government citing brutal police action that was meted on University of Zambia students when they protested over the release of the new constitution.

The song also condemns government’s arrests of the Barotse activists who were following up what they were promised by President Micheal Sata when he was campaigning for presidency in Western Province of Zambia in the 2011 presidential elections.

The musician further condemns the shooting of a citizen in cold blood in Mazabuka by police during a protest.

In an interview with the Zambian Eye Tembo says he was compelled to compose the song so that he could send a message to the current government. The song ends with a shout ‘’Abash fake leaders!’’

‘‘I’ve no other way to express myself other than singing. May be they will listen,’’ he says.

The ordinary Zambian has been hit by the harsh economic environment prevailing in the country despite the PF’s government 90 days promise of more money in the pocket and more jobs and the promise to have a new constitution in place within the same period.

The non fulfilment of the promises has led to discontent in the country and a number of opposition leaders have also voiced their concerns on the PF’s inadequacies.

Recently suspected armed Patriotic Front cadres attacked United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema in Ndola at Sun Radio station who escaped the attack through the fourth floor of the building.

Hichilema in his recent press briefing said the violence by the Patriotic Front was meant to kill him and other UPND leaders.

He wondered why President Sata has not condemned the attack. He said he has information the Patriotic Front government is scheming to use violence as an excuse to declare a state of emergence to stop public gatherings, arrest opposition leaders and subsequently postpone the 2016 elections.

The public fears President Sata wants to repeat what first President Kaunda did in 1980 to those who criticised his leadership.

On 23 October 1980 the day before Independence Day, a dusk to dawn curfew was imposed in most urban areas and a number of prominent Zambians were detained. They included Elias Chipimo and Valentine Musakanya. And a well-respected lawyer and commissioner of high court, Edward Shamwana. Elias Chipimo a leading banker obliquely criticized the government and had been publicly denounced by President Kaunda then.


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